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Transform Your Life with Our Back to School Weight Loss Program for Midlife Men & Women

Are you a midlife man or woman struggling to lose weight and improve your health?

 We understand the challenges you face. Hormonal changes, a slower metabolism, increased responsibilities, and a busy lifestyle can make it seem like an uphill battle. But don't worry, we're here to help!

Introducing our Back to School Weight Loss Program specifically designed for midlife men & women like you. This program addresses your unique pain points and provides solutions that will help you achieve your weight loss goals and improve your overall well-being.

Why Choose Our Program?

Effortless Transformation and Sustainable Results

Our program focuses on a simplified approach that enables you to effortlessly transform your habits and sustain long-lasting positive changes. We understand that your time is valuable, so we have developed a system that fits seamlessly into your busy schedule. Say goodbye to complicated meal plans and calorie counting. We provide you with fast and easy eating solutions that support your goals.

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Customized Workouts and Expert Guidance

No more guessing which exercises to do and when to do them. Our program includes customized workouts tailored to your fitness level and goals. You'll have access to expert guidance from our experienced coaches who will show you the proper techniques and motivate you every step of the way. We are dedicated to your success.

Achieve More Than Just Fitness

Our program is not just about physical transformation. We believe in a holistic approach to well-being. By joining our program, you'll not only achieve your desired weight loss and fat loss goals but also experience improved overall well-being, increased energy levels, enhanced self-confidence, and a balanced lifestyle that aligns with your professional commitments.

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With the Fit Therapy of Texas Back to School Weight Loss Program, you will get:

Unlimited Small Group Training.  

Experience the benefits of personalized attention and guidance in a supportive and motivating small group environment. Our Fitness Experts will tailor the program to your specific needs, ensuring maximum effectiveness and progress.

Biometric Screening. With our biometric screening, you'll receive a thorough assessment of your body composition, including measurements such as body fat percentage, muscle mass, and metabolic rate. This information provides valuable insights into your current health status and serves as a baseline to track your progress throughout the program.

Accountability and Support: We believe that accountability is crucial for success. You'll receive ongoing support from our dedicated Fitness Expert and a community of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you. We'll keep you motivated, track your progress, and provide the guidance you need to stay on track.

Custom Meal Plan: Say goodbye to the confusion of meal planning. We provide you with a custom meal plan designed to support your weight loss and fat loss goals. Our Registered Dietitians will ensure you have a balanced and satisfying meal plan that makes eating right fast and easy.

Results: Our program is designed to deliver results. You'll finally break free from the yo-yo cycle and achieve the fitness goals you've always desired. Whether it's weight loss, fat loss, increased energy levels, improved overall well-being, or enhanced self-confidence, we're committed to helping you achieve real and sustainable results.

Click here to join, for Just $288/month 


3 Months Paid in Full for $499.99

Don’t wait time is running out to sign up for our Back to School Special! ⏰


Take the first step towards achieving your fitness goals once and for all. You've got absolutely NOTHING to lose, and we even guarantee your results.​

Still not convinced? Don't just take our word for it.

Hear what our satisfied clients have to say:

"I've tried countless programs before, but none of them gave me the results I wanted. Fit Therapy of Texas changed everything. Not only did I achieve my weight loss goals, but I also gained so much confidence in myself. I highly recommend their program." - Sarah W.

So, if you feel fed up with not feeling like you're living up to your potential, click the link below right now to find out more.


Take the first step towards becoming a healthier, fitter, and stronger version of yourself.

Don't miss this opportunity to reclaim your health and achieve the results you've been longing for. We can't wait to be a part of your success story.

Need more Information?

Book a Free Consult. 

To help you decide if Fit Therapy of Texas Mind & Body approach is right for you, we are happy to schedule a consult for Free. Fill out the form and one of our Representative's will be in touch within 24 hours.

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