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Fitness Expert at Fit Therapy of Texas


Bianca has a passion for fitness and health. She has two degrees: Associates of Arts, Associates of Science and Bachelors of Science- Kinesiology- Pre Physical Therapy. She is also CPR and First Aid Certified and is ISSA Nutrition Certified.

When it comes to knowledge and technique approaches, Bianca likes to focus on mobility, strength and conditioning training. She believes it is important for an individual to understand how their body moves in order to live a healthy pain free lifestyle. Bianca would like to educate clients on how continuous movement within the joints and muscles is beneficial throughout life. She wants clients to understand that fitness is not one size fits all. She believes clients should not fear or stray from modifications whether that be dietary or fitness related, modifications allow the client to grow at their own pace and set their own rules. 

Bianca believes as humans we need to get back to the basics. At times we need to find alternative approaches to western medicine because that is what our bodies know and most of the time it is what they need to heal. In order for people to have a healthy lifestyle our body and mind needs to work in unison to achieve overall wellness. The human body can always benefit from some movement, as that's its purpose. 

The main reason she decided to become a fitness and health expert is because of her passion for fitness and health started at an early age, her mother always led a healthy lifestyle and as she got older she followed her lead. In high school, Bianca was in sports which created gateways for different types of training. As an adult, she  continued to stay active and educate myself on fitness overall. It wasn't always easy as she struggled with anxiety and depression and later being diagnosed with ADD.   These all became worse after she had her son, and struggled with Postpartum Depression. After trying multiple medications for her mental health, she surrendered to counseling. With the help of counseling, she was able to allow fitness as a way to cope with her mental struggles and it's now a tool she uses for days when she feels overwhelmed. Fitness and health are a priority for her because they help keep her in balance. 

​Bianca enjoys helping people with fitness because she likes to see them build their confidence on their own terms. She likes to educate clients on minimal changes that can make big impacts in the end, reminding them of the reasons why they set out to make changes.  One of the biggest reasons she likes to work with people on their fitness needs is because they realize they are capable of making the changes they need. 

The biggest impact she had on someone's health was when she was working as a swim instructor. She taught various age groups and while the younger age groups adapted quickly the adults had a much harder time. Bianca worked with an older gentleman who just wanted to be able to freestyle swim. The problem was he had kyphosis and limited range of motion with his shoulders. Bianca researched a couple of stretches he could do at home to facilitate the mobility in his upper back and shoulder. Slowly we began to see improvement in his shoulder mobility and he was able to complete a forward propelling motion with his arms. It took a couple of months, and meeting up for practice 2-3 times a week but he was able to swim a freestyle at the end. He would joke and say it's not perfect but at least I don't stay in one spot anymore. It was moments like these that would make a difference to her, because even though all he wanted to do was to be able to swim with his kids, he now had accomplished something that felt so out of his reach when they started. 

Bianca's hobbies include weight training, reading, listening to music, lounging with her dog, and spending time with family. Her future goals include obtaining her Master's in Athletic Training/Kinesiology, and eventually becoming a Physical Therapist.

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