Fitness Expert at Fit Therapy of Texas


Suzie is a certified personal trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, and Group Training Specialist 

through the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

As a former pilates instructor with a passion for lifting heavy weights, Suzie puts a lot of focus on being able to move freely without pain by working on creating a strong core foundation. Suzie takes a very functional and realistic approach to training so she tries to study and understand each clients’ life style and work environment which helps create a personalized program that is fit and sustainable for clients to reach their individual goals.

Growing up, Suzie's family always prioritized health. The elders used to say, ‘without good health, there is no wealth’ and after witnessing her 75 year-old grandmother breeze through the steep mountains trails of Korea as a hobby, that phrase could not be more true.  Her grandmother always told her that if you keep your body moving and fueled properly, you will always be young. And she believes it was this teaching that always lead her to believe that maintaining an active lifestyle is the key to living a content life without medication, surgery, or unnecessary supplements. And over the years of working with clients from different backgrounds with different kinds of compensations, Suzie has learned yet again that going through the route of modern medicine isn’t always the answer.  

Suzie grew up playing sports and loved the feeling of running around and being free.  Sprinting through soccer fields with excitement until you run out of breath or racing to find out who the fastest swimmer is with your best friends. Exercising and playing sports was something fun and adventurous for me when she was young. But as she grew older, it hit her one day, you don’t get to feel that kind of excitement or joy as often as an adult due to stress or whatever burden life can give you sometimes. Suzie began to question whether being an adult has the cost of giving up innocent child-like emotions you still have at them same time, forgetting about how to have fun and find joy easily.  

Suzie was in a fog of that mental state for quite some time until one afternoon, her husband who was also a former athlete, said “let’s go for a run”.  And they ran. They competed who can go longer without stopping for a break, we laughed at each other for running out of breath, and we jokingly complained about how sweaty we were. And it was that moment she asked herself, ‘Why have I stopped working out?’ Moving around feely without any limitation and being able to express how she felt with my body was what brought me back the feeling she used to have when she would run around with my buddies as a kid, and it felt so great!  Suzie couldn’t let go of the refreshed, unbounded feeling she was having that she continued to go out for a jog everyday and started going back to the gym and created programs for herself and met her goals.


Suzie wanted to do more and help other people feel the way she felt so she started listening to podcasts relating to fitness and looked into certifications she can obtain. After getting certified through NASM and attending workshops the program offered, she did what she could to start sharing her knowledge and experience with people who needed help.  Suzie started working at local gyms, helped many people gain their confidence and fitness back in shape. Not only did helping people through fitness bring her so much joy but her clients have turned into life-long friends who now she considers her family.

During her spare time she likes to submerge herself with her little family of herself, her husband and there 3 mutts. Suzie just moved to San Antonio from Savannah, Ga so on the weekends she loves to explore the city and visit all the cool places in town.  Suzie is also a big foodie, so she loves to try out new recipes and seek out trendy restaurants.