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Fitness Expert at Fit Therapy of Texas


Isabel has her Associates of Science Degree with emphasis in Kinesiology and is a certified personal trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association as well as CPR/AED certified


As a personal trainer, Isabel loves changing clients lives every step of the way.  Growing up she was always active and playing sports. Soccer became my specialty and she propelled it to a higher level in college. During college, Isabel discovered my passion for the fitness industry. Isabel started to work on her own fitness journey and she pushed my self daily. Isabel began to help others around the gym and guide them through my knowledge of the body. As time passed Isabel realized she wanted to be apart of people’s testimonies and help them become a better version of themselves. One of my favorite testimonies was a client who after 3 months of consistency in the gym and great nutrition, lost 31 pounds and improved her health. She has had an amazing journey so far and Isabel blessed to be apart of her life changing experience. She is very excited to be apart of Fit Therapy and help more amazing people! 


Outside of her professional work, she has a couple of hobbies she enjoys. Such as working out, watching movies, eating at new restaurants, and hanging out with her family. Isabel is a very family oriented person, so she loves to do fun activities with family whether it be game nights or bonfire nights. 


In the foreseeing future Isabel plans on opening her own gym and being a successful business woman. She wants to inspire many men and women to focus on their health and to make their health a priority. Our body is a gift from God and we have to protect it at all cost. 

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