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50% off  Personal Training 


$99/Month for Unlimited Group Training* 

Quit fad diets + quick fix programs once & for all. 

If you have tried all the latest diets and programs that promised quick results, but failed to produce the results promised, you have probably lost hope. 

And that's exactly why we created a holistic, whole-body approach for better health and weight loss that works.

Your better health awaits--let's get started!

And best part Personal Training is 50% off or $99/month* for unlimited group training for Black Friday!

*These specials are for new clients only and is a one time offer.

Choose between: Personal or Small Group Training

This is the perfect time to claim our special offer, so you’ll have the support you need to succeed and reach your goals. 


This is our Gold Standard Training Plan. Every Program is custom to each client. This Plan is for you if you don't want to think about anything. We take the guess work out and design you a Program specifically for your GOALS!! This Program comes with:


✓ Full Body Biometric Assessment

✓ Personalized Meal Plan

✓ Cardio Prescription

✓ Stretching Prescription

✓ Behavioral Modifications

✓ Expert Coaches

✓ Accountability

✓ 1:1 Private Training

✓ Before and After Transformation photo

✓ Results

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This is a completely comprehensive circuit style classes utilizing strength exercises to help you lead your healthiest, happiest life! You will receive access to unlimited group workouts that include:

✓ Fitness Expert pushing you through every workout
✓ Attention needed to ensure proper technique and mechanics
✓ Results
✓ Daily Motivation and Accountability via Facebook, Emails and MUCH More!

Don’t wait any longer, today is the day to become the happiest, healthiest, fittest version of you

What Members Say

"I started working out with a trainer virtually a couple weeks ago & it has been awesome! Being a nurse AND being in school still, I have constantly made excuses for not having time to workout and eat healthy. At first, I started doing sessions after work when I was already worn out, but my trainer encouraged me to start waking up early and working out before I go to work. This has been a game changer for me & I no longer have excuses of not having time or being too tired because he has encouraged me to MAKE time! My trainer is so supportive & encouraging and I don’t think I would be able to get through some of the workouts if I was doing them on my own! The meal plan that was made for me was very simple and straight forward, which has made it so much easier for me to prep and to not make excuses and eat whatever is “easy” or whatever is “fast” while going to work and school. I highly recommend it here if you’re struggling to prioritize healthy habits and making excuses like I was. This is just the beginning and I can’t wait to see my progress!"-Ashley