Small Group Training in San Antonio, TX that consists of an upbeat and energetic class targeting different body parts for optimal results for your problem areas. 


The process and what to expect when you sign up for small group training!


1. Initial Consultation

In depth strategy session to plan out exactly what your personal (short and long term) goals are and exactly how we can help you get there. Together, we will discuss your health, dietary, metabolic, training, and injury history, as well as your level of physical capabilities. We will then explain our program, provide specific recommendations and practical application to making a lifestyle change. 


2. Schedule your classes

Choose times and days that are most convenient for you and your busy schedule.You can choose what body parts you would like to work on by booking that day through our online portal. This allows you to target specific areas of your body that you feel you need improvement on. 

Each class is limited to 10 members and is booked online, through our very easy to use app, called MindBody. 

Small Group Classes Available

Each class is an hour long, starting with an 8- 10 minute warm up, consisting of dynamic stretching and low intensity exercises. After your warm up is complete, you will begin a three circuit, strength training based workout. Each circuit is timed for 15 minutes, allowing people of all fitness levels to participate, with a goal of completing as many rounds as possible for each individual. After all 3 circuits are completed, you will be presented with a 5-10 minute finisher, that will surely get your heart pumping and make you feel as if you had the best workout of your life. 


Mondays are our designated butt kicking day. Literally! Monday is leg day. Come in this day if you want to tone up those buns, sculpt your calves, build your quads, and demolish that fat from your hamstrings. We guarantee spaghetti legs and smiles after every leg day.  

Times: 6 AM, 5:30 PM and 630 PM

Shoulders & Biceps

Tuesdays are centered around locking and loading those guns or in other words building your shoulders and biceps. Come on this day if you're ready to build some good definition in your arms and shoulders. On these days we incorporate strength training and cardio based exercises to ensure you burn fat and build muscle all at the same time. You should definitely leave on Tuesday feeling the muscle PUMP in those arms!

Times: 6 AM, 5:30 PM, and 630 PM 

Full Body

Wednesdays are one of our favorite days to sweat. You are halfway through your week and you need a good detox from all the stress from work or just life in general. We are here to help with this full body, no part untouched, workout, guaranteed to get your heart pumping. You will definitely sweat a lot, laugh a little, and feel that stress melt away as you push through this tough workout designed to jump start your metabolism and give all your muscles some love. 

Times: 6 AM, 5:30 PM, and 630 PM 

Back & Abs

Thursdays are a great day to attend if you are tired of those stubborn love handles, lower belly blah, and that back fat that makes you embarrassed to put on your bathing suit. We use various types of equipment and techniques to really focus on toning your back and your abs. Attending enough Thursday classes has proven before to make people proud to strip down and show off their new bods.

Times: 6 AM, 5:30 PM and 630 PM

San Antonio Personal Training.JPG

Chest & Triceps

Fridays are the days to come in if you are ready to lift and grow those chest muscles and ditch the chicken wings. Everyone hates that extra flap that is growing behind their arms right?! In our chest and triceps days we put a lot of effort into presenting exercises that are beneficial for all members, regardless of their goals. With that being said, NO, doing chest exercises won’t decrease your bust ladies! We try to incorporate chest and triceps exercises into our Friday routines that are proven to build strength and burn fat from those areas. Add a little more weight to your barbell or pick up some heavier dumbbells in this class if you want to see some extra muscle growth.

Time: 6 AM 


Saturday is our most intense and heart pounding class. This class is meant to improve your cardiovascular system (heart/blood vessels) and endurance. We use full body movements and higher repetitions on this day to ensure you reach your optimal heart rate and fat burn zone. Your body will thank you after you're done with your workout this day by leaving you with a natural runner’s high and a faster metabolism.


Time: 9 AM 

3. Camaraderie

The group atmosphere provides a bigger support system. All of our members have built friendships and now have workout buddies that provides a greater sense of accountability. When a group of like-minded individuals share a common goal, barriers and challenges are easily overcome to achieve remarkable results!


4. Results

Obtain desired results in a small group setting. Get ready for better sleep, increased confidence, fat loss, healthy body mass index (BMI), increased strength/endurance/energy, improved immune function and much more. We personally guarantee you will achieve results when following our plans and pride ourselves on helping each person in our program become a better version of them self.

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