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Fitness Expert at Fit Therapy of Texas


Jenn has obtained the following degrees/certifications:

  • Associates in Psychology

  • Registered Behavioral Therapist


  • Women’s Fitness Specialist

Jenn's fitness knowledge consists of and uses the following techniques/approaches:

Knowledge and experience in corrective exercise, focus on progressive overload and overall athleticism and functionality.

Jenn believes a healthy body can lead to a healthy mind, and vice versa. The habits and skills we can gain from consistent exercise and health awareness will carry over into every aspect of our lives, including mentally, emotionally, and within relationships with ourselves and those around us.

Jenn grew up as an athlete but struggled finding her place in her body and mind as she entered adulthood. Jenn struggled with depression and found her ability to cope in a healthy way through exercise and nutrition. Jenn was able to control these aspects of her life and was therefore able to be more flexible elsewhere. Building up her strength in the gym built her overall confidence and happiness. Jenn is  passionate about helping people feel good in their body and their mind. She is passionate about replacing maladaptive or non-preferred behaviors with functional and positive behaviors that lead all to a healthier, happier life.

A past client of Jenn whom she trained in 2020 reached out to her to explain to her that the HABITS they  built years ago were still alive and well today. The client was able to carry those habits of discipline and determination over to other aspects of her life and finds herself now in the body she loves and is proud of, working towards goals now in other areas. That is what Jenn wants, long term results that can be maintained.

Jenn LOVES both strength training and being overall athletic and is quite competitive so she has  goals within the next year and a half to compete in a natural bodybuilding competition, and compete in her first Spartan race! Ultimately, she just wants to reach and help as many people as she can.

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