Fitness Expert at Fit Therapy of Texas


Justine is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a certified Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition.


Justine has lived in Texas for almost 2 years and has been living in San Antonio for the last year. She is originally from Philadelphia, PA where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Temple University and went on to obtain a Master of Science in Health Sciences from Drexel University. After working for a large corporate pharmaceutical company for 9+ years, Justine became distraught over the number of medications marketed to ‘fix’ or ‘improve’ conditions that could have been prevented initially through proper fitness and nutrition. She ultimately made the leap from the corporate world into personal training to focus her efforts on educating clients on how to make healthier decisions that would negate the need for medications later in life.


Additionally, as a former college athlete, and two-time cancer survivor, Justine has first-hand experience with the toll an injury or an illness can take on an individual from a holistic standpoint. She understands how difficult it can be to start a new fitness regimen before, during, and even after a debilitating injury/diagnosis, and has often joked that “Starting Over” will be etched in her tombstone.


Justine utilizes a multifaceted approach when creating health and fitness programs for each client. Beyond one’s physical aspects, she also includes the mental, social, spiritual, and emotional components of an individual’s life when discussing programming and goals. Justine believes each program created should be just as unique as the individual themselves and focuses heavily on sustainability and happiness as required pillars for success.

To date, Justine has helped multiple clients improve their A1C and lipid levels through focused and sustainable programming coupled with balanced nutrition and takes great pride in seeing all her clients overcome their mental obstacles towards their own physical abilities through practice and consistency.

She is also extraordinarily passionate about working with those who are. Justine enjoys creating strength, endurance, and hypertrophy programs coupled with tailored macros plans.


In her free time, Justine enjoys weightlifting and CrossFit, hiking and exploring Texas with her husband and dogs, facetiming with family on the East Coast, emphatically rooting for the Eagles during football season, and renovating her hasn’t-been-updated-since-the-1980s house here in San Antonio. Justine plans to eventually become a Physician Assistant to work with individuals at all phases of their health and fitness journey.