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Fitness Expert at Fit Therapy of Texas


Madison has a decade of experience working alongside those actively seeking healthy lifestyles ranging from everyday activities, to pursuing competitive gains, as well as encouraging mobility for quality of life. As a fitness leader and instructor in various gyms as well as a highly sought after fitness motivator in her hometown, Madison has helped many achieve their health and fitness goals through her knowledge, lessons learned, as well as her contagious zeal for fun she brings to her environment.


Madison grew up in upstate New York and moved to Texas after completing her schooling. While growing up, Madison was highly competitive. At a very early age, Madison learned to channel her energy and mental stamina into physical activity. While establishing her health pursuits she engaged in various fitness communities where she learned functional fitness routines and participated in competitive team sports. Being around adults who were serious about their health made a big impact on her. She surrounded herself with people who instilled in her the value of staying fit well into their aging years. 


Madison’s pursuit of health didn’t end in the gym, her competitive nature also led her to train and compete in numerous 5k’s and marathons.

Madison’s approach to fitness is summed up with these three attributes: dedication, determination, and discipline. She’s sculpted these attributes while working with various military personnel at a performance facility base in San Antonio. She brings those qualities to every client she’s had and her tenacity rubs off on those who work with her. After working with a mom of four, who had limited amounts of physical stamina, mental energy, and time – Madison was able to help her achieve her dream of running a 5K by helping her engage in gym and track work-outs that were optimal for her success. The mom of four has since run over ten 5K’s and has introduced the love of running to her children.


Eating and exercising well have been a long-time learning passion of Madison’s. She believes food plays an intricate part in nurturing, restoring, and fueling the body for recovery and longevity. She also believes the human body is forgiving and, if given the proper direction, can heal itself from past trauma and past unhealthy habits. Exercise not only builds physical strength; it also builds mental strength. Madison has seen first-hand that her client’s confidence improved as well as their ability to engage in otherwise challenging environments simply by encouraging them in how to work through their physical limitations or shift their routine to one more adaptable.


Madison’s goal driven personality is seen in her work ethic, she’s naturally fulfilled and fueled by seeing her clients achieve their goals. However, when she’s not at the gym – she’s going for hikes, soaking

up the sun, or meal prepping. And during football season she’s cheering for her hometown football team, the Buffalo Bills!

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