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Many people have the goal to lose weight, get healthier, and feel more confident in their own skin. But most are not sure of what steps to take to achieve their goals and often struggle to stay consistent.


But, not you. Not anymore. Here at Fit Therapy of Texas, you will receive a custom program focused on your goals. Whether personal training or small group training, we break everything down for you—exercises, repetitions, rest periods to reach your goals and accomplish them faster. Best part, you will learn the name of each exercise, the body part you are working and why in order to maintain your new lifestyle change.

Fitness and learning how to train properly is incredibly important, but for a healthy lifestyle, that’s only part of the equation. At Fit Therapy of Texas, you will receive an eating plan and 80-page nutritional guide to remove all the guesswork of what, when and how much to eat. The eating plan and guide are easy to understand and apply. No more yo-yo diets, fads or trends; just honest, helpful nutrition expertise to fit your needs and meet your goals.  

The final and most important component of any weight loss or weight maintenance strategy is mental health. There are so many factors that can affect our mental health-even sleep and stress play a huge role in our overall health. That’s why we have a wonderful staff of Licensed Professional Counselors. Whether in an individual counseling session or an active participant in our stress relief class, you will learn how to reduce negative thinking, increase your self-esteem, manage your stress levels, obtain coping skills and much more to help you reach your goals and break through any mental barriers limiting your results.

If you are tired of programs that yield minimal results and lack support and personalized guidance, click the link above to learn about Fit Therapy of Texas mind and body programs and schedule a free consultation today!

Fit Therapy of Texas Approach to Wellness


We want to help you meet your fitness goals by getting to understand your goals, training history, health history and your motivation to change


 We will focus on behavioral changes inside and outside Fit Therapy of Texas to make the biggest impact on your mental and physical health


After your initial consultation, we will create a plan to help you achieve your goals with personal training or small group training, custom nutrition plan and schedule your first stress relief class


Every 4 weeks, we will review your progress and reassess your goals ensuring consistent results. Consistency and patience are the biggest determiners of success!


Fit therapy of Texas is the best place in San Antonio to achieve your fitness goals. The trainers are awesome, they customize your fitness/ nutrition plan based on your needs and capabilities. All you have to do is show up and follow your program. And you will see results right away. I have joined the Fit therapy of Texas a couple of months ago and I already see great results. I feel good, I have more energy and my health has improved dramatically. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking to get into shape, improve their health and stay fit & healthy.



I started working out with Kenny at Fit Therapy of Texas in late August because my frozen shoulder had gotten too painful. I'm no athlete, yet Kenny manages to work with my limited capabilities to get me stronger and more flexible. After little more than 8 weeks (despite me ignoring diet or aerobic exercise discipline), I managed to lose over 4% body fat working out three times a week with Kenny! I also lost over 2 inches on my hips-- and I'm 57!



Fit Therapy is what you need! My favorite part of being a FTOT member is the constant success I see in other members as well as myself. The consistency is the best I've experienced ever. I cancelled a gym membership to join FTOT and boy wasn't that the best decision I could ever make. They push me to be better in my health as well as my spirit. Thank you to everyone at FTOT that help make life better for my family and I! Since I joined in December I have lost 4 inches in my waist, 30 lbs, I feel better than any single day I have in the last 10 years and am happier, healthier and more aware than ever! What they say is 100% TRUE, FIT MIND, FIT BODY!

-Jose R.