We have great news! Fit therapy of Texas is now offering online training programs and they have all already proven to be effective in helping members to accomplish their health and wellness goals. 

Is online training right for you? 


If you can agree to any of the following statements listed below, then online training may be right and what’s best for you.  

  • I have a sporadic work schedule

  • I travel often for work

  • I travel often for fun 

  • I need some extra motivation to work out 

  • I don’t have a set workout routine 

  • I can’t commit to coming into a facility to work out right now  

  • I need some extra guidance to develop a healthy lifestyle

If you agreed to any of these, I am excited to say that you are NOT a lost cause. You CAN still be successful in a health and wellness program with us, no matter where you are and what your situation may be. We have a few different programs available online. 


Strength Online

Strength online, is conducted through emails, texts, and phone calls.  In this program we create customized routines and send them directly to your email, where you can follow along, at your own pace.  Each day focuses on a different body part and aspect of fitness. We also provide support, encouragement, and education each day along with these exercises. A great benefit of this program is that you will be able to save your workouts to your computer and reuse them over and over again.


Health in a Zoom

Health in a zoom, is for those who need more one on one guidance and encouragement. We connect face to face with you, at a set time, on a regular basis, through an easy to use app, called Zoom. We create customized workouts for you and conduct them via video. We are with you every step of the way, allowing us to correct your form, provide encouragement, and provide feedback. You will also receive nutritional guidance in your one on one sessions. You can choose to do 1-hour or 30-minute sessions. 

Lose Weight in 28, 4-week body transformation guide 

This guide includes a four week workout split with exercises, a shopping list, meal plan, healthy tips, and stress relief strategies that will surely help you find a happier and healthier you. Don’t wait any longer, today is the day to become the happiest, healthiest, fittest version of you!

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