What's the difference between Personal Training and Group Training?

Both Personal training and group training are great, it just depends on your goals and what gets you motivated in choosing which one works best for you.  

Personal training is for someone who needs that extra individualized attention. If you are needing more of a flexible schedule, then personal training is the best option for you. In personal training, everything you do is catered to your own personal goals. Your workouts, repetitions, rest periods etc. are all towards what you want to accomplish, which will help you reach your goals faster. You establish a great relationship with your trainer who will motivate and help you in every way they can to get you to your goals.  Also, you have your trainers undivided attention, to make sure you do not get hurt and your form is always correct.  


Group training is for someone that is looking for a shared sense of community with like minded individuals. In our small group training you will have fun, make new friendships, gain support all while getting to your fitness goals. There will be one workout a day that is catered to each body part that you will do with 6-12 people, that will be there to push and to motivate you. Your trainer will also be there to correct your form and provide you with great energy to help guide and motivate you through your entire workout.  

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