Personal Training in San Antonio, TX designed for men and women who want a personalized program to feel better, lose fat, build muscle and regain their confidence.


The process and steps to custom personal training and sustainable results!

1. Initial Consultation

In depth strategy session to plan out exactly what your personal (short and long term) goals are and exactly how we can help you get there. Together, we will discuss your health, dietary, metabolic, training, and injury history, as well as your level of physical capabilities. We will then explain our program, provide specific recommendations and practical application to making a lifestyle change. 

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2. Fitness assessment and body composition analysis

These key startup assessments, help your personal trainer write up the right program for your needs; whether, it be personal training for weight loss, muscle gains, functional training, increasing endurance, increasing flexibility, or preventing and treating disease. 


After your initial fitness assessment, you will receive monthly biometric measurements that give you your own personal metrics that show you your results month after month.

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3. Custom training plan

Customized workouts that are right for YOUR body and help enhance YOUR results. Personal Training that allows you to understand how to properly execute movements, getting the most out of the training while avoiding injuries, which is our main goal while getting you healthier. Specific programming detail, to eliminate confusion and educate you on WHY this works (i.e. - order of exercises, number of sets and reps, tempo, rest periods, substitutions, and everything in between).

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4. Nutrition education and guidance

With your personal training program, you will receive a personalized meal plan that supports your specific needs. We will teach you how to eat to fuel your body, create a strategic plan for your meals based on your schedule, your goals and your personal likes. Additionally, you will also receive a shopping list that takes the guess work out of going to the grocery store. As well as new recipes that are healthy, tasty, and easy to make. 

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5. Accountability & Support

We are here to support your on your health journey. You’ll have 24-7 access to your personal trainer for questions, support, motivation, at home workouts between sessions and much more. It is important to us that you have all the support and accountability needed to help you reach your goals.


6. Results

The best part of our personal training program are the life changing results you will make. Get ready for better sleep, increased confidence, fat loss, healthy body mass index (BMI), increased strength/endurance/energy, improved immune function and much more. We personally guarantee you will achieve results when following our plans and pride ourselves on helping each person in our program become a better version of them self.

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