• Tracy Cooper, LPC

9 tips to improve communication

Communication 🗣 is the foundation of all healthy relationships.

Barriers to effective communication:

Judging the other person Not paying attention to the person you are talking to Giving solutions or unwanted advice Avoiding the concerns of others . 9 effective communication skills:

1. Active listening 👂 -be attentive to what the other person is saying 2. Pay attention to non verbal cues-this includes facial expressions 🧐, tone and pitch of their voice and gestures displayed through body language 3. Ask questions-to ensure you understand and ask questions to show you are interested 4. Be clear- what is your purpose in communication with this person? 5. Clarify and summarize-this shows you are listening and understand the message 6. Empathize-the ability to understand and share the feelings of the other person 7. Provide feedback-give feedback to improve the situation. You won’t accomplish that being harsh, critical or offensive. 8. Develop trust and rapport 9. Be present-this allows us to be in the moment to accept the person you are communicating with .

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