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VLOG: Ground Turkey Taco Salad recipe

It’s #mealprepsunday and we’re making Ground Turkey Taco Salad!


✅99% lean ground turkey

✅Black Beans ✅Spring mix

✅ 1 green bell pepper

✅pico de Gallo

✅ salsa

✅ blue corn chips


1. Turn your stove on to 5 or 6

2. Warm up 99% lean ground turkey (add 1 cup of water) until no longer pink

3. Add 1 can of black beans and 1 cut up green bell pepper

4. Add 14 chips (1 serving size) to bottom of bowl

5. 2 spoonfuls of Ground Turkey, black beans and bell peppers on top of chips

6. Layer your bowl with flavor (pico de Gallo, salsa and spring mix) 7. Your done! Enjoy!

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