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What it's like to meet with a Nutritionist?

When I tell people that I am a nutritionist the most common response I receive is “so you tell people what and what not to eat”. Many of you might perceive a nutritionist as the “food police” and hesitate to see one because you do not want to be lectured or told that you cannot eat your favorite foods. There are some nutritionist like that, but I do not want to be a ‘food police” nutritionist. Instead, I want to help you figure out how to reach your goals by inspiring and supporting you.

That said, if you want to know what it is like to meet with a nutritionist like me, here is what to expect.

First, I take time to get to know my client and learn about their nutrition goals and concerns. I obtain a nutrition assessment, which includes information about your weight history, current and past medical history, family medical history, food allergies and intolerance's, eating, sleeping and exercise habits, emotional and social ties to food and much more.

Next I’ll share my feedback about your nutrition assessment so that we can together figure out “where you are now” and “where you want to be in the long-run.”

Once we find a starting point we will develop a plan for how to proceed. The plan will typically include gradual changes, such as adding 2 cups of veggies at dinner and eating more whole-grains throughout the day. However, if you are someone who likes more structure we can also individualize a meal plan that you can follow. I'll explain why we are making the changes and how it will affect your body.

After our initial visit we will schedule a follow up to monitor the interventions we implemented and along the way make the changes necessary to help you succeed. Throughout the time in between our next appointment I will check up on you to see how you are doing and you will also be able to reach me with questions as you make these changes to your lifestyle.

At the end, the goal of a nutritionist like me is to offer you support and make you feel confident to take control over your own health. We want to help you understand how to nourish your unique body. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation, click the link above or email to begin your nutrition journey.

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