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5 Best exercises to do if you have back problems and how Personal Training can help.

Your Back plays a vital role in trunk flexion and extension. The best exercises for a Bad Back will consist of both exercises for the back and muscles of the Abs.

Here is our list of the Top 5 exercises to not only improve a bad back but to strengthen and gain mobility.

1. Bent Over DB Row using bench- This exercise if done right forces use to engage your core and really targets your Lat Muscles.

2.Bench Assisted Barbell Row- This exercise allows you to use bench as support and really add on the weight for max strength gains in your Traps, Rhimboids, and Lats

3. Hanging Leg Tucks. This exercise not only stretches out the spine but when you "tuck" your legs you really have to contract and engage you Abs to bring your knees up

4. Bridge. This exercise uses the hips, core, and Glutes. This will help strenghen your core with low impact

5. Spidermans. This engages your core and you increase hip mobility by driving your legs up to your side

There are a number of exercises for your Back and Abs but to truly get the best Benefit and correct exercise working with a Personal Trainer can help. Fit Therapy of Texas creates a Custom Program just for you and has different Personal Training Options to choose from.

Fit Therapy of Texas Personal Trainers have maintained their certifications and/or degrees in the exercise field and have years of experience working with people that have different kinds of needs. They are more than qualified to help and work around any limitations by modifying exercises as needed.

If you are ready to reduce your back pain, feel stronger and improve your mobility, give us a call at 210.495.3131 or email us at to schedule your transformation session with a Personal Trainer today.

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