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How do your hormones affect weight loss and fat storage?

Hey ladies! Who is fed up with that pesky inner thigh fat, those persistent love handles, and that lower belly BLAH you see in the mirror?! I know I am! And It may comfort you to know that most women struggle to keep these areas thin and cellulite- free. But why is that?

There is actually science behind why we store so much fat in these areas. Due to women's natural production of sex hormones, these fat pockets on a woman’s body are created as a physiological advantage for woman, particularly when pregnant. They act as fat stores to support lactation and cushions to protect the unborn fetus and the mother’s organs. This may get annoying as you get older because it becomes more visible, due to skin getting thinner and less flexible with age. And sorry to say ladies but there is no vibrating machine, massage, injection, cream, pill, or gimmick that will help get rid of this. The only way to truly get rid of this fat is to adopt a healthy lifestyle by eating right and participating in regular exercise. You can also make sure you are hydrating (at least 64 oz of water a day) and moisturizing to keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.

There are specific exercises you can do at home to work on these. Rather then keep you in anticipation of what some of these exercise look like, ill give you a little sneak peak of what a few of these exercises, that don't involve any equipment, look like. YAY!

The first exercise I would recommend to help blast those hamstrings, or the back of your thighs, and buttocks (glutes). It is called a glute bridge march.

Exercise Instructions:

Start by lying on your back, knees bent, with feet flat to the ground, shoulder width apart. Place palms face down to your sides and bridge up your buttocks by pushing through your heels. Hold this position throughout the exercise. Squeeze your glutes and raise the right leg up with the knee bent at 90 degrees. Drop this leg back down and bring the other leg up in the same fashion. Keep your toes up and sitting in your heels pushes the action into the back of your legs.


Complete 12-15 reps on each side and 2-3 sets

Option: If exercise is too difficult complete a regular glute bridge, without marching.

The next exercise will surely burn those hips and love handles. They are called side plank clam shells.

Exercise instructions:

Lay on your side with your knees bent and stacked. Prop yourself up on your forearm, palm facing down to the ground. Activating your love handles and glutes, raises your hip and side up off the ground. Then by activating your hips/glutes, open your legs up like a clam shell. Make sure to keep your heels touching. Close the legs and drop the hip back down to the starting position. That is one rep. Complete 12-15 on each side. 3-4 rounds.

The lower belly (abdomen) exercise I recommend to really feel a burn is a leg lift with a flutter kick release.

Exercise Instructions:

Start by laying on your back with your legs straight and arms down to your sides. Contract your lower abdominal muscles to raise your legs straight up over your belly button. Try to keep your lower back flat to the ground. Then flutter (split your legs) like little scissors as you make your way back down to the ground. Only tap your feet to the ground, keeping your abs tight the whole time, and then raise them back up. Complete 12-15 reps, 3-4 rounds.

The last exercise I will leave with you today is a sumo squat with heel raises. This exercise focuses on your inner and outer thighs.

Exercise Instructions:

Start with your feet very wide apart, like a sumo wrestler. Slightly point out your toes. Then squat into your heels as deeply and comfortably as you can. Once there raise one heel, drop it, then raise the other heel and drop it. Raise yourself up to standing position by pushing through your heels. This is one rep. Complete 12-15 reps, 3-4 rounds. You can add weight, by holding anything in your hands, while you do this exercise for more intensity and a better burn.

Doing these exercises 2 or 3 times a week will give you a noticeable difference in those stubborn areas. If you want further instruction or more exercises to really blast that fat then feel free to reach out to me at 2108651421 or email me at kaley@fittherapyoftexas.com and Ill set you up with a FREE consultation today.

In Health,

Kaley Hallowich NCSF CPT NCCPT BS MS

Body Transformation specialist

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