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Support Fit Therapy of Texas during the Coronavirus

We believe San Antonio is the BIGGEST-SMALLEST City in ALL of the U.S.

What we mean, is that the Community of San Antonio is so closely knitted that everyone treats each other as a Family.

These current times are extremely difficult for everybody and even more so for people who were forced to close businesses, lost their jobs, and lose ALL of their income to NO FAULT of their Own.

Small Businesses are the Driving Engine of the United States Economy and many, like ourselves have been severely affected.

We normally will never ask for Help but when Forced to shut down for the better benefit of our more vulnerable citizens, we are happy to comply because we are all about preventive care and Health!!!

Today we are asking you, the Best community in the U.S., for Help.

Our mission statement is to help improve the Health of San Antonio with Custom Fitness, Nutrition, and Behavioral Services for the Optimal Health Improvement.

We would love to continue to provide that service but will need everyone's Support!!!

If you can Kindly make a Donation, buy a Gift Certificate to be used at later time, or buy a Gift certificate as a Donation for someone you know who is in Need of IMPROVING their Health we would be forever grateful.

to make a Donation so we can continue to Help people in San Antonio.

Thank you!!!

Kenny & Tracy


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