Fitness Expert at Fit Therapy of Texas


Sean has obtained the following degrees/certifications:

  • Associates Degree - Kinesology: Sports Medicine

  •  Bachelors Degree - Kinesiology: Exercise Science - Pre Physical Therapy 

  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer 

Sean's fitness knowledge consists of and uses the following techniques/approaches:


During Sean's training sessions, he likes to focus on the overall functionality of the human body and how exercise can translate to everyday life. Sean's 5 years of work and volunteer experience within different Physical Therapy settings has allowed him to gain a greater appreciation on how the body can heal itself through physical activity. 

Sean's overall passion and goal is to help as many people on their fitness journey as possible. He enjoys learning how the human body acts as a machine and how it works together with many different systems in order to function properly. Having the knowledge and tools to help someone make steps toward their end goal is crucial. Sean finds this important because he understands the feeling of having questions when it comes to fitness. There is not a single solution or method that will work for every individual. Having the patience to help unique individuals with their own personalized goals is something he prides myself on.

Even though every person has specific goals, each individualized goal can leave a larger impact on someone than you think. For instance, a former client of mine would discuss the goals of hoping to gain better strength and flexibility back from her both of her knees. At the time, his client had very minimal movement within her knees due to prior injuries and overall wear and tear. The pain and limited movement within her joints had a huge impact on how she lived her everyday life. Not being able to perform simple activities such as walking her grandchildren to the park or even clean around her own house even affected her overall mood as well. This client made a dramatic impact on how I approach things while working with others as a personal trainer. Every goal, no matter how large or small, will be just as important to him and it is to them. 

Sean's hobbies include the following: 

  • Reading

  • Watching Houston Astro Baseball games

  • Going on roadtrips with my girlfriend and pets

  • Spending time with family members

  • Exercising

  • Cooking

Some of Sean's future goals includes enrolling into Physical Therapy School to become a Licensed PT.