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Easy exercises for the busy person

February 6, 2015

I understand the challenges in keeping to a workout routine when busy. Therefore, I have put together several easy exercises to help you obtain the recommended 150 minutes of moderate-intensity exercises per week at home or work.


1. Push Ups (add bosu ball for a challenge)


2. Squat to Shoulder Press (add weights for a challenge)



3. Lunge to Knee Raise (add weights for a challenge)



4. Wall sits



Join me in personal or group fitness training. Schedule your session by phone at 210-495-3131 or by website at www.fittherapyoftexas.com.


Stay active!


Brittany Ewing, Fitness Expert  


Brittany specializes in helping women feel comfortable with strength training. Her workouts are designed to help you slim down and tone up.


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