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Stressed Man

Stress Management

Stress Management in San Antonio, Texas

Stress Management is used to treat people suffering from stress and stress symptoms. It is best used in combination with diet and exercise to alleviate symptoms. It works by helping to restore the natural balance of your body physically and mentally. Stress Management helps you think more clearly and confidently about yourself, feel less stressed and take a more active part in everyday life. Stress can many times lead to unhealthy coping strategies such as over eating, smoking, drinking, and risky behaviors. Fit Therapy of Texas counselors can help you reduce and eliminate unhealthy stress with personalized coping strategies and information to help prevent future occurrences.

How to determine if you need Stress Management:

Stress is an inevitable part of life and it serves a positive purpose in our ability to survive. However, prolonged and chronic stress can deteriorate mental and physical health. Effective coping and stress management is necessary to reduce the impact that stress can have on your health and happiness  

Take stock of your stress. Are you experiencing any of the following effects of stress on your body:

  • Anxiety

  • Headaches

  • Insomnia

  • Rapid Breathing

  • Heart disease

  • Stomachaches and digestive issues

  • Increased depression

  • Decreased immunity


If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, know that you are not alone and treatment is available.

Therapy is proven to decrease stress symptoms

Fit Therapy of Texas currently accepts the following insurances: Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), United Health Care, and Humana. 


If we do not accept your insurance and you work with a fully licensed therapist we can provide you with a receipt to turn in to your insurance carrier for reimbursement as an out-of-network provider. View our Out-of-Network Guide.

*Please review the “Reasons to Pay Privately” section below. Unfortunately insurance companies will not recognize and reimburse for services provided by LPC-Associates. However, if you have a FSA (flexible spending account) or HSA (health savings account), any counselor you receive services from Fit Therapy of Texas, can be paid for with these accounts as they are paid to Fit Therapy of Texas and not individual counselors. 

Fees For Fully-Licensed Counseling Services  

Initial visit / Intake: 50 minutes $160.00

Individual Psychotherapy: 50 minutes $120.00

Couples Counseling: 50 minutes $120.00

Fees for Licensed Associate

Other counselors within Fit Therapy of Texas are licensed Associate working under the supervision of a LPC-Supervisor; and their fees are as follows:


Initial Visit/Intake: 50 minutes $105

Individual or Couple's Psychotherapy: 50 minutes $90

Cancellation Policy

It is understandable that appointments need to be canceled and rescheduled on occasion. We ask that you give at least 24 hours advance notice to your therapist when canceling or changing your appointment time. If cancellations or changes are made with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full regular visit fee. Last minute notice, or no notice, prevents the practice from making your appointment slot available to other individuals. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. 

Reasons to Pay Privately

Private paying clients choose not to involve insurance companies in their mental health care. Their counseling is not limited by a diagnosis, treatment plan or session limits that health insurance companies mandate. Often, insurance companies limit the number of sessions and even the type of therapy they will cover.


In order to obtain reimbursement from your insurance company, a mental health diagnosis must be made. This becomes a part of your permanent health care record and the insurance company can review all of your records at their discretion.


By paying privately or out of pocket, we can assure private pay clients the highest degree of privacy, flexibility and control of their mental health and records that is allowed by Texas state law. We will work collaboratively to decide how often you would like to attend therapy and you decide what you want to focus on. You have the control over your mental health care.

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