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Hector has killed it over the last three months! His fitness goal was to lose body fat and gain muscle. He committed to doing one on one personal training, 3x a week with Kenny, and followed his custom meal plan to a tee. His hard work has paid off and he's lost 6.2 % body fat, gained 13 pounds of muscle, and increased his confidence dramatically.


Karol was skeptical at first, like most are, to commit to a long period of personal training. She began her journey with us by purchasing a Groupon special for only 5 one on one personal training sessions. After these 5 short sessions she believed 100% that even she could be successful in a weight loss program at Fit therapy of Texas. Now, 11 months down the road, she has totally transformed her body and mind. She enjoyed a completely natural and holistic approach to weight loss with strength training and an adjustment in her diet, promoted by our very easy, straightforward, and custom meal plans. Karol continues to make progress and states that she will always take care of her health and is excited about continuing her health journey on her own with all the tools she has acquired from Fit Therapy of Texas.


Making a lifestyle change is a journey, not a quick fix! We are proud of Fit Therapy of Texas FIT MEMBER, Yvonne's body transformation. In 7 months, she has lost 40.5 lbs, decreased her body fat % by 6%, and lost 4-6 inches all over her body. The best part of her whole journey with us is that she has made a sustainable lifestyle change with the use of our custom meal plans and regular exercise. She believes she will be able to keep the weight off too.

  • Marty

    Marty decided to regain control of his life and make a lifestyle change. He enrolled in our 6 Week Challenge at Fit Therapy of Texas and continued as a member due to his sensational results. He received Semi Private Group Training, 3 x a week,  and one-on-one personal training, 1 x a week, and a personalized nutrition guide which helped him achieve his total body transformation in a short period of time. In 12 short weeks, he lost 13.1 lbs, 3 % body fat and 3 inches all over! Looking good, Marty! We are so proud of you! 👏👏👏

    Update! Marty made his weight goal. He is now down to 185! In a short 5 months, he has regained his health and lost 24 lbs, dropped 5% body fat and 6 inches all over. Keep it up Marty! We are proud to have you represent what Fit therapy of Texas stands for. 

    *Photo is of Marty's 5 month progress

  • David

    David came to Fit therapy of Texas with the desire to improve his health, gain muscle, and lose body fat. In six short weeks of 1 on 1 personal training with Fit therapy of Texas owner, Kenny, he gained 2lbs of muscle, gained 2 inches in his thighs, 4 inches in his arms, and lost 4% body fat! How David accomplished this was by never missing a workout and following his customized nutrition plan to a tee. He can now show off his hard work at the beach and well… anywhere. Congrats David on your success!

  • Daniela

    Daniela joined Fit Therapy of Texas with hope that we could speed up her weight loss in order to join the military. Daniela reported she has struggled in the past to make real, sustainable changes as other trainers and facilities were not able to give her proper nutritional guidance and enforce a new mindset. At Fit Therapy of Texas, Daniela not only lost weight, but also learned how to eat better, how to properly manage her stress,  and gained confidence in herself. She met her weight goal by losing 25 lbs and dropping 3% body fat in ONLY 6 weeks! Way to go, Daniela!

  • Lakenya

    Lakenya always struggled with putting on weight and keeping it on. She tried multiple programs with no success. Lakenya committed to four days a week of strength training at Fit Therapy of Texas and followed a custom meal plan with nutrition support from our knowledgeable dieticians. After 6 months of training, she gained 14 lbs of lean mass and added curves to her petite frame that makes her feel fabulous.

  • Mario

    Mario entered our #marchmadnesschallenge at Fit Therapy of Texas! After 28 days, 16 semi-private training sessions completed, and our custom nutrition plan followed, he lost 15 lbs, 3 inches in his waist, and 3 % body fat! Mario learned to love working out and how to properly manage his stress. Mario killed it and WON $500! 🤑Congrats, Mario

  • Jose

    There are NO healthy shortcuts to weight loss! It takes time to build a better, stronger version of yourself! In 12 months, Jose lost 34 LBS, dropped 11 inches all over and lost 10 % body fat! These results are possible for you too. Here’s how: regular exercise + clean eating + consistency = results! #cantstopwontstop

  • Lilli

    When you hear that someone has lost 5 lbs you may brush it off and think this is nothing. But Lilli disproved this by also losing 3% Body Fat, gaining lean muscle mass through strength training, and by completely transforming her body in only 28 days! She's now strong, confident, and full of positivity...look at that smile on her face. Join Lilli and the amazing FIT Therapy family today to make the positive change you have been putting off doing for too long! You have nothing to lose but fat!  

  • Zach

    With a growing family and mounting frustration with his weight gain and body, Zach signed up for the Fit Therapy of Texas human billboard program. He committed to a lifestyle change to improve his physique to be more active for his growing family as well as improve how he felt about himself. With the one on one personal training services at Fit Therapy of Texas, Zach received customized personal training and nutritional guidance and achieved his short term goal quickly! Zach lost 13 lbs and decreased his body fat by 7%! All of this in just 12 weeks! Give us 12 weeks and we promise that you too can accomplish your goals in a short period of time. 

  • Lisa

    Lisa is motivation to us all. In 2 short months, she changed the shape of her body and made a huge transformation in many aspects of her life. Lisa lost 16 LBS, 5% body fat and lost 16 inches all over. Let's congratulate her and show her some love ❤️ for all of her hard work! You look AMAZING Lisa. 🎉💪👏


    Update: Lisa is not here to be average, she’s here to be awesome..💪In 5 months, she has lost 35 LBS, 11% body fat and 29 inches all over! AND she isn’t done yet. Lisa continues her journey with us till this day and now finds exercise to be super important in her life, not only for her physical health, but her mental health as well. 

    Photo is of Lisa's 5 month transformation

  • Nadia

    ⭐️ ✨Nadia is a shooting star - She’s come so far and promised to herself that she won’t go back to where she started with us. ✨In 3 short months, Nadia has lost 8️LBS, 18 inches all over and 3% body fat!!! Her clothes are fitting better and she is glowing from the inside out! Proud of you, Nadia!

  • Latoya

    Latoya finally decided that enough was enough, and that she needed to make some changes to her lifestyle to live a happier and healthier life. She committed to three days a week of group fitness training classes at Fit Therapy of Texas, and got into incredible shape, in a very short period of time. She lost 33 lbs with hard work and determination, in only 8 weeks!

  • Paula

    After the loss of her son, Paula found herself at her heaviest weight, with feelings of hopelessness. Paula found the courage to make a stand and hired a personal trainer from Fit therapy of Texas. Paula started training with Kenny and lost 29 lbs, dropped 10 inches in her waist and 9 inches in her hips, in only 6 months. Paula's work ethic, dedication and heart are an inspiration to the FIT members and everyone she comes in contact with. Great job, Paula.

  • Yvonne

    YVONNE is our 2nd WINNER of our #marchmadnesschallenge at Fit Therapy of Texas! In 28 days of 16 group training fitness classes with a customized nutrition plan, she lost 20lbs, 5 inches in her waist and 2 % body fat! Yvonne invested in her health by never missing a workout, following her customized nutrition plan and by finally putting herself first! Yvonne did AMAZING and WON a cool $500! 🤑Congrats Yvonne on your success! 

  • Pam

    Pam is down 9lbs, dropped 3% body fat and lost over 2 inches in her waist with the Lose Weight in 28 program at Fit Therapy of Texas. All of this was accomplished in only 28 days! WOW. She has now signed up for our group training fitness classes and is continuing her journey back to perfect health. We are so proud to say that Pam, through our weight loss training and with our nutrition support, is another success story we can claim as our own. Pam your hard work is paying off! Keep up the great work!

  • Lorraine

    In spite of how proud we feel about the work we do, we are always a little sheepish about tooting our own horn. With that being said, we will step out of our comfort zone, but this time, we’ll let Lorraine’s results do the tooting. In 4 months, she lost 20 LBS, 24 inches all over, and learned that exercising and eating right could be fun. Our group training fitness classes are unique and fun for all ages. Come and make your own success story happen with us!  


  • Josh

    Josh was very active growing up, but found that his career and daily responsibilities made it challenging for him to continue to be active. With the one on one personal training services at Fit Therapy of Texas, Josh received the help he needed to implement a new lifestyle. He was ushered  in the right direction by our customized exercise programming and nutritional guidance. Josh lost 20lbs, decreased his body fat by 7%, and became an inspiration to others. A lot can happen in 3 months with us at Fit therapy of Texas, just ask Josh!

  • Swathi

    A healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood. Swathi committed to a lifestyle change during a major transition—planning a wedding and getting married! 😱💍For any bride, this is a time filled with happiness and occasional stress. Stress, as we know, can impact a person’s mood and physical changes. Swathi however did not allow her stress to interfere with her success. She showed up regularly for one on one training, fought food cravings, found consistent support from her trainer and overcame barriers! She lost 17 lbs, dropped 24 inches all over and 4% body fat! Swathi we are proud of you—keep going! 💪🎉

  • Sonia

    ⭐️Join Fit Therapy of Texas, if you want to make lasting life changes! ⭐️ Sonia did. She became a member after her doctor recommended Fit Therapy of Texas to her to help her with her chronic pain. She followed a customized meal plan, received nutrition support, and consistently trained 3x a week with a personal trainer. Her results In 3 months were that she lost 14 LBS, dropped 3️ % body fat , 7️ inches all over, and is more mobile than she thought she could be! You go girl!

  • Jessica

    2015: "I got measured Friday and in a month and a half, I've lost 3 inches from my waist (the hardest place for PCOS patients to lose) 2 inches in my calves and arms and 2.5 in my thighs. After YEARS of seeing no results this is amazing! I have tried A LOT of diets, tons of weight loss products and NOTHING worked. Fit Therapy of Texas has not only changed my body they have changed my life!" - Jessica K.

    After a 2 year-long fitness journey, Jessica kicked PCOS to the curb and is now a proud mommy! We wish her and baby Kendall a future filled with love, happiness, and good health ❤️

  • Michelle

    She knew she was made for more❤️. In 4 months, Michelle has worked to improve herself with the help of one on one personal training 3x a week, at 5 AM, and proper nutrition. She lost 13 LBS, dropped 4% body fat, and 23 inches all over! Not only has she transformed physically but mentally too. She is now beaming and overflowing with confidence.

  • Brandon

    Determined to lose weight and prevent himself from developing diseases that run in his family, Brandon made drastic changes to his lifestyle, including working out 4x a week with a personal trainer, following a meal plan, and starting to prep his own meals. In 3 months, he lost 15LBS, dropped 7️ inches all over and ⬇2️% body fat! He is now motivated to make even more changes, so stay tuned to see his continued progress. 

  • Juan

    Congrats @juangil2573 on winning our Winter Weight loss Challenge! In 1 month, Juan lost 7️LBS and dropped 2️% body fat by following his customized meal plan, never missing his 5 AM workouts, and managing his stress. Way to go, Juan! You are well on your way to 15% body fat!

  • Greg

    Our man Greg, after seeing such great results with training at Fit Therapy of Texas, is on his second round of training. He rejoined for our March Madness challenge and in 2 short months, Greg has LOST 2️0️LBS, ⬇5️ inches and ⬇3% body fat! In total, from 1st round to now, he has LOST 5️0️LBS! Woohoo!!!🎉 Give it up for Greg! 👏👏👏

  • Laura

    Laura came to @fittherapyoftexas with the desire to improve her health, gain muscle mass, and lose body fat. In four months of one on one personal training with at Fit Therapy of Texas owner, Kenny, she gained 5️lbs,⬆ 1️inch in her arms, ⬇2️inches in her waist and⬇ 2️% body fat! Laura never missed a 5AM workout and followed our nutritional guidance to accomplish this success story. Her hard work shows. Congrats, Laura on your success!

  • Lisa

    Lisa Braun has been a member at Fit Therapy of Texas since August 2018, and since then she has worked hard to achieve her weight loss goal. Her goal was to reach 150 lbs before Christmas break, and she surpassed that goal by weighing in on the Saturday before Christmas 2018 at 148 LBS!!! Since August Lisa had dropped 25 lbs, lost 7%BF , and lost 15 1/2 inches over all! 

    Lisa is a part of our 5AM group fitness training classes, even to this day, and trains 3x a week, is a mother of twin boys, and works full time!!! We are so proud of your achievement, Lisa!! Your hard work, consistency, and your discipline does not go unnoticed!!! 💪💪💪 

  • Renee

    So proud of our girl, Renee. In 28 short days, Renee LOST 5LBS, ⬇2.5 inches and ⬇2% body fat! Your transformation is fire. Keep getting it girl🎉 

    Renee is a busy realtor and property manager but continues to join our group training fitness classes consistently and finds working out to be great for her mental and physical health.

  • Katie

    Katie's words: "Showing some self love for the progress I've made so far. Getting up for 6 AM workouts is not easy. Getting up on Saturday morning for conditioning is not easy. The workouts challenge me everyday. Seeing my number go up on the scale is not easy. EASY is not an option when you're changing your body at 32. It takes hard work, dedication, support from friends and family for a positive mind and healthy habits. I'm proud of the progress I've made the last 3 months, inside and out. Today, I'm feeling strong, healthy and beautiful in my own skin. I couldn't say that three months ago. While gaining muscle, I've also gained confidence and an ability to love myself as I am and encourage myself to continue on towards my goals. That to me is such a powerful change. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here--and a special thanks to the best gym ever. 

  • Ashley Laura

    📢 A strong body is not made in comfort. Say It LOUDER for the people in the back! 📢

    Uncomfortable is where change happens. Embrace discomfort and get results. Ashly ‘Laura’ E did and her results are Amazing! Click Laura’s photo to read how she exceeded her Air Force fitness test goals!

  • Eva

    S t r e n g t h training helps you reshape your body and mind. In 3 months, Eva lost 4 LBS, dropped 3% body fat, and 2 inches in her waist! Yas, girl! 👏👏👏

    Her progress photos show that even 4 lbs can make a big difference! If you are ready to start your health journey and are not afraid to work for it, click the link in our bio for more information! 

  • Imran

    If you are not willing to risk the unusual, you will have to settle for the ordinary - Jim Rohn .


    Imran took the risk and committed to 7 months of 30 Minute sessions 3 x's a week, followed his macros in his customized meal plan, and did 3x a week of 20 Minute cardio sessions, and obtained the following results...



    Gained 6 LBS of muscle

    Lost 2% of Body Fat

    Gained muscle in legs, arms, chest, back, and core. 

    Increased strength by 60%!!!!!

  • Jennifer B

    This lady is killing it! In 1️ month of working out, 4x a week in our group training fitness classes, following our customized eating plan, counting macros, implementing healthier habits, and managing her stress she lost 16.3 LBS, ⬇ 1.5 % body fat, and has gained her confidence back. Jen was also our biggest female loser in our Lose Weight in 28 program, winning her a cool 500$ cash. Give it up for Jen! 👏👏 Proud of you!

  • Trey

    Check out the story of Trey! He has made an incredible transformation. He's been working with us for over 4 months and we couldn’t be more proud!

    Trey is proof that even with an on call job that involves an unpredictable schedule and traveling constantly, with consistency and patience you can make your goals a reality!

    ​Trey is in Information Technology and when he first started at Fit Therapy of Texas he had not worked out in over a year. He was fatigued, frustrated, lacked self confidence, and did not feel good.

    ​In 4 short months, Trey lost 40 lbs, 4% body fat and lost 5 inches in his chest, 9 inches in his waist, and 7 inches in his hips! Trey now feels more confident, his clothes fit better, and has more energy to do things he felt he couldn’t do before. Our weight loss program has added more happy years to Trey's life and our stress relief classes have taught him skills to manage difficult days that would have previously kept him stuck or unmotivated.

  • Kaeli

    Strength training does a body good. 🏋️‍♀️


    Our girl @kaelihan11 has obtained amazing results in our semi private group training classes, She has really sculpted her body at Fit Therapy of Texas! In 8 months, she lost 2️0️ LBS and dropped 8️ inches in her waist and chest! #dang .


    If you are ready to start strength training, come see a fitness expert today and find the new you!

  • Luis

    Need a dose of motivation? Check out Luis’s amazing progress. He started working with us 10 weeks ago, doing pairs training with a personal trainer, and he has had impressive results. Check out his photos, they say it all! Ready for your transformation?

  • Diara

    Diara has accepted the challenge and began her fitness journey with us at Fit Therapy of Texas just a short 10 weeks ago. Through pairs training, directed by our certified personal trainers, and  nutritional guidance from our registered dietitians, she has accomplished outstanding results. It only takes a little bit of time and dedication to yourself to find amazing results like Diara has. Let us be part of your transformation story!

  • Kim

    Kim finds doing zoom workouts with a personal trainer to be effective, convenient, and less time consuming then going to the gym. Kim lost 7 lbs over the course of a couple weeks when she switched from receiving emailed workouts to meeting one on one with a Fit Therapy of Texas Fitness Expert via zoom. As a mother of two and a doctor, Kim doesn’t have a lot of spare time on her hands. Doing zoom allows her to spend more time with her family, instead of traveling across town, and it also takes the hassle out of finding child care.  She said “There is an accountability factor behind meeting via zoom compared to doing things on my own. It’s much  easier to slack off and not reach the intensity level needed to maintain my progress without working with a trainer one on one.”

  • Diane

    As an older woman, it may seem nearly impossible to drop weight and maintain muscle. It can feel like an uphill battle as you try to compensate for your fluctuation in hormones, weight gain, and natural muscle loss that occurs with age. Ask Diane though, who is in her 70’s, and she would tell you that anything is possible with a little hard work and dedication. She has lost 30 lbs over the course of 5 months while doing one on one personal training at Fit therapy of Texas.  Not only has she experienced weight loss, she has also increased her strength and range of motion, allowing her to live a more active life, without pain. She has taken advantage of all that Fit therapy of Texas offers including our custom meal plans, weight loss training, stress relief classes, and counseling in order to achieve her goals.  With the constant support of all the staff she has truly transformed her mind, body, and soul. Diane keeps up her progress, even when she travels across the country for extended periods of time, by transitioning to zoom workouts, while she is gone. She has found that doing online workout can be just as effective as being in the gym.

  • Fernando

    Fernando just started training at Fit Therapy of Texas and in a short three weeks he is down 8 lbs!

    Dropping just 5 to 10 %of your body weight can improve your overall health and reduce your risk for chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes.


    We are so proud to announce that Fernando has hit his 3 month goal in exactly 2 months. He has pushed through 3 days a week of high intensity workouts with a Fit Therapy of Texas Fitness Expert, has changed his eating habits, and is now down 20 lbs! He has also lost 15 inches all over his body! Wow! Not only has his external body transformed so has his internal. All of his blood tests came back normal, his blood pressure has dropped dramatically, and his doctor said he was even impressed by his results. Fernandos story is the perfect representation of how Fit therapy of Texas can change your life for the better, with only a little time and effort on your part.  Fernando is now stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. We are so proud of you! Keep it up! 

    Stay tuned for his continued progress reports 


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