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You deserve to be at your best today and every day!

At Fit Therapy of Texas, we care for the whole person — providing for your physical, mental, and nutritional needs. Our evidence-based wellness services are here to ensure that, so you can enjoy living life longer, happier, and better.

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Are you ready to take a more holistic approach to your health and wellness?


We are dedicated to helping individuals achieve lasting health without relying on fad diets and fast-track programs. Instead, we provide education on how to tap into deep healing so that health can be long lasting. We understand the importance of being equipped with the right knowledge in order to make healthful decisions that will benefit your mind and body. So let's get started on this journey together - it's time to start your holistic health transformation!

Unlock your full potential with Fit Therapy of Texas Fitness Experts

Our dedicated professionals will create a customized workout program tailored to your individual needs, plus provide 24/7 accountability and motivation for you in person or via text - helping ensure that no goal is left unaccomplished.

Take the hassle out of eating healthy

Fit Therapy of Texas Registered Dietitians have crafted bespoke meal plans based off your unique weight, body fat percentage and workout goals. Enjoy delicious recipes with real foods that will help you see results quickly.

Breakthrough mental barriers limiting results 

Fit Therapy of Texas Licensed Professional Counselors are here to help you stay on track and make lasting positive life changes. With their specialized guidance, you can master healthy coping skills, develop a better handle on your emotions, and learn how to manage unhealthy habits for long-term success!

Mental Health Counseling

Start your success story!

Our program is the solution to a better, healthier you! Thousands of people have used our guidance and success strategies to shed pounds, build strength, boost confidence levels and reduce stress - plus so much more. With us in your corner working towards lifetime goals – don't wait any longer for real change; take control now!

Learn how you can transform your body and mind in just 12 weeks

See our members' life changing transformations. Join the thousands that have transformed their lives today!

*results may vary

Better Living

Starts Here

It's never too late to get healthy! We'll teach you how to reclaim your health--inside & out!

*results may vary

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Fit Therapy of Texas is the perfect fit for moms, busy professionals and injury-recovering individuals looking to achieve their health goals. With tailored programs designed around your needs, our team can find an efficient way to get you on track quickly!

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