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How to finally have better health and weight loss--even if you've tried everything!

Introducing the Fit Therapy of Texas Personal Training Experience: 

A holistic, whole-body approach to better health and weight loss in 12 weeks.


12 weeks of empowering and personalized step-by-step training for living, your most vibrant and healthy life in a way that works for YOU, all designed to be the last program you will ever have to do.

The solution? A physical, nutritional and behavioral program. Start taking care of ALL of you with our holistic, whole-body approach:

+Develop a strong and health body to boost your energy during the day and help you sleep better at night.

+Create an exercise routine with 1 on 1 personal training to lose weight, improve body strength, and increase mobility.

+Learn how to make balanced meals at home that keep you satisfied, full and not reaching for the junk food or a late-night trip to your local fast food drive-thru.

+Finally get to the root of your behaviors. We will help you figure out the barriers preventing you from better health and weight loss and teach you healthy behavior modifications to transform your life and health. 

The Fit Therapy of Texas Difference
5 steps to lose weight and feel better, so you quit spending so much time on cookie cutter plans,
quick fad diets and hours on google trying to piece together a DIY program to reach your


1 on 1 Personal Training

Customized + prepared just for YOU!


Personalized Nutrition Plan

designed by Registered Dietitian based on bio metric assessment, goals, health conditions and preferences.


Behavioral Coaching

Uncover unhealthy habits & behaviors limiting your progress. Learn best methods to cope, overcome & change behaviors for better health and lifestyle.


Accountability every step of the process

regular check ins with trainer on

progress, nutrition, conditioning, & stretching. Text/Email with trainer as needed.


Proven Results

tracked by monthly full-body bio metric assessments.

Get ready to feel healthier, confident, and empowered! 

Lisa Before & After
Marty Before & After
Karol Before & After
Jose Before & After
Diane Before & After
David Before & After
Diana Before & After
Latoya Before & After
Valerie Before & After

The Fit Therapy of Texas Personal Training Program Includes:

PLUS get access to weekly nutritional booklets sent in the form of a
PDF to your email when you become a member!


Fit therapy of Texas is the best place in San Antonio to achieve your fitness goals. The trainers are awesome, they customize your fitness/ nutrition plan based on your needs and capabilities. All you have to do is show up and follow your program. And you will see results right away. I have joined the Fit therapy of Texas a couple of months ago and I already see great results. I feel good, I have more energy and my health has improved dramatically. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking to get into shape, improve their health and stay fit & healthy.



I started working out with Kenny at Fit Therapy of Texas in late August because my frozen shoulder had gotten too painful. I'm no athlete, yet Kenny manages to work with my limited capabilities to get me stronger and more flexible. After little more than 8 weeks (despite me ignoring diet or aerobic exercise discipline), I managed to lose over 4% body fat working out three times a week with Kenny! I also lost over 2 inches on my hips-- and I'm 57!



Fit Therapy is what you need! My favorite part of being a FTOT member is the constant success I see in other members as well as myself. The consistency is the best I've experienced ever. I cancelled a gym membership to join FTOT and boy wasn't that the best decision I could ever make. They push me to be better in my health as well as my spirit. Thank you to everyone at FTOT that help make life better for my family and I! Since I joined in December I have lost 4 inches in my waist, 30 lbs, I feel better than any single day I have in the last 10 years and am happier, healthier and more aware than ever! What they say is 100% TRUE, FIT MIND, FIT BODY!

-Jose R.

kenny & tracy 3.png

And just who are we?

👋 Hi, We’re Kenny and Tracy, and we are health experts who have experienced our own lifestyle changes that led us down the path to creating our whole-body solution focused program to eliminate the guesswork for you.

We are both alumni at UTSA. Kenny obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology and Tracy obtained a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology. Tracy continued her studies and obtained a Masters in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling from St. Mary’s University. Kenny is an Exercise Physiologist and Tracy is a Licensed Professional Counselor who have both worked for non profits, community mental health, private practices, insurance companies, and large Fortune 500 companies.

We might just be a match made in wellness heaven if..

+ If you are ready to invest in your health with help and guidance to become the healthiest you, and make visible and worthwhile changes.

+ You understand this program is a process and are not seeking quick fixes, fad diets or unhealthy solutions.

+ You're tired of trying diets that keep you hungry, not seeing changes in your body and quitting on yourself.

+ You feel like you've tried everything, but nothing works and you are not achieving your goals.

+ You're open and willing to trust an expert to improve your health--physically and mentally


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  • Can I come workout without a trainer?
    No, since we are a members only, private training facility, and everything is by appointment, group training times are set per day and week to attend.
  • How fast will I see results?
    It does vary from person to person. If you stick to your plan though, it can take anywhere from four to five weeks to start noticing change. The key is to be consistent and patient, if you stick to your plan provided by your trainer, the results will come.
  • Are you able to work with individuals who have limitations such as knee problems or back injuries etc.?
    Absolutely! All our fitness experts have maintained their degrees in the exercise field and have years of experience working with people that have different kinds of needs. They are more than qualified to help you work around those limitations by modifying exercises as needed.
  • Do you accept insurance for fitness?
    Unfortunately, we do not. But come in for a fitness consultation, to see what workout program works best for you and your budget!
  • Do you offer physical therapy?
    No, the services that we do offer are fitness, nutrition and mental health counseling. We are here to help you improve your relationship with your mind, body and food.
  • What if I haven’t exercised in a while or at all?
    That is okay, everybody must start somewhere! We work with people off all different fitness levels, the personal trainer will adjust the workouts to help accommodate you and your needs, you will be able to go at your own pace.
  • How do I know what exercise program works best for me?
    We recommend you schedule your complimentary fitness consultation, at this consultation you will meet with a fitness expert to help you determine which program is the best fit for you.
  • I am over 60 years old, will you still be able to work with me?"
    Of course. We work with and have experience with people of all ages. We are confident in being able to get you to your goals, no matter what your age is!
  • What is it like to participate in small group training at Fit Therapy of Texas?
    At Fit Therapy of Texas, we offer targeted body part training,an approach that focuses on a different body part each session.These workouts are staggered to give each muscle group time to recover before you rotate back to it, and you train more frequently over the week. All targeted body part training sessions are with a Fitness Expert/Personal Trainer in a small group setting, not to exceed 12 people per session. When you come to one of our targeted body part training sessions you will start with a 8- 10 minute warm up consisting of low intensity exercises followed by a body weight exercise to just get your whole body moving and to avoid injury throughout your workout. After your warm up, you will begin your three strength training workout circuits. Each circuit should take around 15 minutes depending on your level of fitness. After you have completed each circuit 3 times, you will have a finisher at the end to really get that heart rate up. The whole workout should take about an hour. Everyone goes at their own pace and the Fitness expert is there to motivate you, correct your form, and modify exercises if needed and make sure you don't get hurt!
  • How much does personal training cost?
    Personal training programs start at $69/session. You can choose from 2-6 sessions a week. We offer military, referral, and seasonal promotions for even bigger savings.
  • Do you offer a payment plan?
    Yes, we offer payment plans in person and online for any fitness services. For online, we offer afterpay and klarna, which can reduce your payment up to 12 payments as needed.
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