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About Us

We created the only holistic, whole-body solution focusing on fitness, nutrition and mental health for deeper healing and wellness.

We reprogram your health.


We'll go beyond singular treatments or one symptom management to get to the root of the problem.


We focus on you and support your health from a whole body perspective.

If you are experiencing high levels of stress, fatigue and are seeking alternative answers to modern day medicine to improve your overall health…

You’re in the right place!

👋 Hi, We’re Kenny and Tracy, two health experts who have both experienced a lifestyle transformation of our own. And we want to help you find success too - without the guesswork or confusion. That's why we created a comprehensive program designed for whole-body wellness that'll set you up for lasting change.

We are both alumni at UTSA. Kenny obtained a Bachelor's of Science in Kinesiology and Tracy obtained a Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology. Tracy continued her studies and obtained a Masters in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling from St. Mary’s University. Kenny is an Exercise Physiologist and Tracy is a Licensed Professional Counselor who have both worked for non profits, community mental health, private practices, insurance companies, and large Fortune 500 companies.

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We left corporate America to bridge the gap in healthcare. As we helped individuals get healthier in our past jobs, we discovered that each job was missing the mark on helping clients completely.

We saw the need and importance in holistic health.


In 2014, we developed Fit Therapy of Texas.

1000’s + clients later, we’ve helped clients reduce their need for medication, increase energy levels, gain strength, improve confidence, feel body positive, and regain their life back. Click here to read some of our success stories.


We have been featured on The Doctors as we assisted a mother, Elena, keep her promise to her son to lose weight after his unexpected death. Not only did Elena keep her promise to her son, she lost 50 lbs and maintained her lifestyle change at the age of 65. Read her and her son’s story here, just make sure to have a tissue ready. Their story is nothing short of inspiring.


We have also tackled local TV segments on Kens 5, Telemundo, and Great Day SA to share our holistic, whole-body approach, healthy recipes, workouts and details to wellness events held at Fit Therapy of Texas. Whether on TV or not, we are all about helping people. We work daily with individuals who are ready to live their healthiest and most fulfilling lives.

We take a different approach to wellness.


Physical Health

We review the key practices (sleep, exercise & stretching) for physical health and create a custom training program for you that can benefit you and make a huge difference on your overall well being.


Mental and Emotional Health

This is an important part of the process. Your mood, feelings and cognitive abilities matter. We will assist you with necessary behavior modifications to make a lifestyle change and provide you with tangible skills and strategies to manage your stress and support your mental health.


Nutrition Health

We will provide you with a nutrient dense meal plan, teach you how to maintain balanced meals and how to limit processed foods to improve medical conditions, support cognitive functioning, and reduce overall inflammation.

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In short, we are devoted to helping you live a long and healthy life without use of quick fix and ineffective programs that don’t last long term, but instead provide you with an education to obtain deeper healing and lifelong wellness.

So, if you’re ready to focus on your health using our whole body solution, let’s get started!

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