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Fitness Expert


Criselda graduated from the University of Texas San Antonio with a degree in Kinesiology.  She has the following certifications: Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT), and CPR/AED/First Aid. 


Her passion for leadership in the fitness industry comes from a strong desire to motivate  people as they work towards improving their health and overall wellness. Knowing that her contributing positively to individuals' lives brings pleasure and joy to witness the transformations they want to see and goals they want to achieve, whether it is to lose weight, get stronger, move better, and/or feel better.


A client whom made a significant change in their health with Criselda's training was a client who had limited range of motion (ROM) in her shoulders, left ankle, and hips. Additionally, her goal coming to Criselda was to lose weight and inches off her waist and to overall feel better. With the client showing up consistently to every workout session, she was able to see great improvement in her ROM all over her body, increase in muscular strength and endurance, decrease her body weight and inches across multiple parts of her body, but most importantly, her waist, and noticed that her clothes were starting to fit looser! 


In her free time, Criselda enjoys spending time with her family and dogs, working out, and competing at powerlifting competitions.

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