Registered Dietitian at Fit Therapy of Texas

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Jennifer is a Registered Dietitian has her Masters of Science in Nutritional Sciences, specialty in Sports Nutrition obtained from Texas Tech University. Jennifer also has her Bachelor's of Science in Nutrition and Food Science obtained from California State University of San Bernardino.


Jennifer has the following nutrition knowledge:

7 years of experience in direct nutrition care.

4 years in acute in-patient trauma settings and 3 years in outpatient counseling on health and wellness. 

In the field of nutrition, a lot of the work Jennifer does is holistic and encompasses a whole health model. What whole health means to her, is our mind and body inside and out. Jennifer has used nutrition counseling, or Medical Nutrition Therapy, to reverse pre-diabetes, give people more energy for their busy lives, help people build muscle and feel strong and confident. Jennifer has used nutrition to help improve sleep hygiene. An aspect that attracted her to Fit Therapy of Texas is their model of a whole health approach for long term sustainable health and wellness. 

Jennifer's passion for health and wellness started at an early age. She was diagnosed by her pediatrician as obese when she was younger and they did not refer me to anyone for assistance, all she knew at that time was being active and eating fruits and vegetables are healthy for our bodies. By herself she lost 60 lbs at 13-14 years old. Jennifer did not know being a Registered Dietitian was a job that existed when she initially started my undergraduate journey. She started on the Physical Therapy course, because that was the closest thing that interested her in the health and wellness realm. Jennifer was flipping through the course catalog at her university and saw they had an accredited Registered Dietitian program. She switched into that degree plan and the rest is history. Because of her experiences, she has a personal connection with wanting to help people with their nutrition needs. Jennifer did not have this type of support when she needed it and does not want anyone to go on their health and wellness journey without adequate support. 


The most memorable client success story she has is one that started in December of 2021. Over the course of 1 year we met 1-2x per month and he lost 100 lbs. Jennifer still works with this client to this day, but his goals shifted from the initial weight loss, to now muscle building. He is in his 60's and reports he feels the best he ever remembers feeling. We have a great working friendship now and he will tell her he changed his life, but he had to put in the consistency and dedication to his goals each day, she could not have done that for him. 


Jennifer's personal hobbies include strength training, gardening and DIY landscaping. Her hobbies with her family include seeing new movies with my husband, renovating their new house together, and taking their dog on trail walks in different areas to explore new things together.