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Fitness Expert at Fit Therapy of Texas


Adelaida attended the University of Texas at San Antonio and gained a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. Adelaida’s kinesiology degree concentrates on the physiology of exercise. Since high school, Adelaida has always been very active in sports and interested in how exercise plays a role in the human body. Now, she has knowledge in acute responses and chronic adaptations to exercise. Along with her bachelor’s degree, Adelaida has also earned her NASM personal training certification and American Cross CPR/AED certification.


Adelaida’s passion for helping others sparked in college and has grown ever since. Becoming a leader in the fitness industry helps her profoundly influence a person’s life, especially in a situation where they need help the most, such as having the ability to play with their grandkids or moving pain free throughout a workday.

One of Adelaida’s first clients came to her for weight loss. Her client was skeptical at first, because previous times her client participated in exercise with a trainer, she would not see progress and would have pain in her lower back. This led her client to sit out during several exercises. Adelaida provided modifications, cues, and enforced proper techniques in every movement that her client performed. Not only did her client lose the weight she wanted to lose, but she was also able to perform every movement pain free! One of Adelaida’s main goals is to keep her clients safe and moving effectively during exercise.

Adelaida’s hobbies include hanging out with her family, going shopping, and staying active. When summer comes around, she enjoys spending time outside at the track field and running.

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