Confused about what to eat or how to fuel your body? 

Tried dieting and none of the diets work for you?

Do you want to enjoy eating and getting healthier while doing so?

Learn how to improve your relationship with food and live healthy.



At Ft Therapy of Texas we are pleased to offer the following nutrition counseling services:

1:1 support and coaching

meal plans and recipes

expert truth on diet claims

fitness & medical nutrition counseling



Our approach: Each nutrition coaching session is personalized to focus on you and what you need to reach your goals.  We’ll work together to create a custom nutrition plan and healthy habits that work for your lifestyle so you can reach your goals. 

End dieting

Have you tried all of the diets with no results? We'll teach you how to end dieting for good and enjoy eating in a way that fits your lifestyle and allows you to reach your goals.

Control Cravings

Stop cravings to sugar, salt and artificial ingredients. We'll retrain your taste buds and enhance your palate with delicious whole foods based meals, so you no longer crave ultra-processed foods and enjoy whole foods instead.

Live healthy

We’ll discover what makes you feel and look your best so you can live well and achieve complete lifestyle wellness.

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San Antonio, TX 78258

Tel: 210-495-3131

Fax: 844-272-8032

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