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Confused about what to eat or how to fuel your body? 

Tried dieting and none of the diets work for you?

Do you want to enjoy eating and getting healthier while doing so?

Fit therapy of Texas offers some of the best nutrition counseling in San Antonio. We are committed to helping you achieve any health and wellness goal you may have, through education, awareness, and action. We start by finding the root of your problems and guide you through a transformation of your mind, body, and soul, to find long lasting results, no matter what your situation may be. We customize every meal plan to your specific needs and even give you the option to pair a specialized workout with your plan, to enhance your results. We believe everyone's journey is different, and we know and accept that what works for one person may not work for another.



At Ft Therapy of Texas we are pleased to offer the following nutrition counseling services:

1:1 support and coaching

meal plans and recipes

expert truth on diet claims

fitness & medical nutrition counseling



Our approach: Each nutrition coaching session is personalized to focus on you and what you need to reach your goals.  We’ll work together to create a custom nutrition plan and healthy habits that work for your lifestyle so you can reach your goals. 

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End dieting

Have you tried all of the diets with no results? We'll teach you how to end dieting for good and enjoy eating in a way that fits your lifestyle and allows you to reach your goals.

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Control Cravings

Stop cravings to sugar, salt and artificial ingredients. We'll retrain your taste buds and enhance your palate with delicious whole foods based meals, so you no longer crave ultra-processed foods and enjoy whole foods instead.

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Live healthy

We’ll discover what makes you feel and look your best so you can live well and achieve complete lifestyle wellness.

I know you must have a lot of questions, so here are some answers to a few questions we are asked often.


1.What is the difference between a registered dietitian and a nutritionist?

A Registered dietitian is required to have higher education, practical experience in the medical field, and must have passed a nationally accredited exam. This is why they are considered a health professional and can assist medical staff with patients to improve their nutritional health and to prevent and treat illnesses. On the other hand, anyone could technically call themselves a nutritionist because the title isn’t regulated or protected. To be considered a nutritionist doesn’t require proof of qualifications or professional training; therefore, a nutritionist shouldn’t be used in assisting those who have been diagnosed with an illness or those who are in the process of preventing disease. Nutritionists should only be limited to teaching clients about general knowledge on food and behaviors associated to eating. If you are seeking proper advice about your diet or health issues associated with eating, then it is best to seek out a Registered Dietitian. There is just too much unknown about the experience you may get with someone who calls themselves a nutritionist because of the lack of requirements to use this title. All of our dietitians at Fit therapy of Texas are Registered Dietitians and are held to very high standards. Due to this, we see amazing RESULTS in our clients seeking to improve their health through diet and nutrition. We also have fitness specialists and mental health counselors on staff to help support and promote a well-rounded and healthy lifestyle.

2.How do I find a reliable, knowledgeable, registered dietitian in San Antonio?

A good dietitian is able to analyze your wants and needs based off of your health history, body type, analytics, and psychological factors. The good news is that our registered dietitians possess this keen ability and have experience working with an array of clientele, with different dietary needs and ailments. SO, you have already found one with us HERE at Fit therapy of Texas.

3.What is the process I will go through to meet with your Registered Dietitians?


First you can call us at 210-495-3131 or send us an email to telling us about yourself. We will then get back in touch with you and set you up with a date and time to meet with our dietitian, either face to face in office, or through zoom conference online.

Prior to your initial consultation, we will email you a health questionnaire to better understand your health history, goals, and dietary intake for the last 24 hours. The initial consultation includes a review of your questionnaire, discussion of your goals, and an answer to any questions you may have about your nutrition. The Registered Dietitian will ask you specific questions about food preferences for the creation of your meal plan. The registered dietitian will then email you your customized meal plan once done.


4. Do you accept insurance?

YES. We accept a few different insurance types.

5. Can I eat to lose weight without starving myself?

YES! Our meal plans are meant to be sustainable for long periods of time, without dramatic food restrictions. You may actually be surprised by how much food we want you to eat each day. We tend to encounter more individuals who aren’t eating enough, but when they do eat, they gorge themselves and tend to eat high calorie content foods with low nutrient density. We can further explain what this means in our first consultation with you.

6. Is there a step by step meal plan I can follow to achieve my particular goal?

YES! Our meal plans are so easy to follow that you will wonder why you didn’t start sooner.


7. Do you have meal plans for vegans?

YES we do!

8. Do you have meal plans for diabetics?

YES we do!

If you're ready to end dieting, control cravings, and live a healthier life then call us at Fit therapy of Texas today! It’s time to take your health and your life back into your own hands! Contact us @ Phone: 210-495-3131 Email: