Fitness Expert at Fit Therapy of Texas


Alex graduated from the University of Texas at San Antonio in May of 2019 with a master’s degree in health and kinesiology. He currently holds certifications as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES), Titleist Performance institute Level 1 (TPI), Sports Performance Coach Level 1 – USA Weightlifting (USAW). He is also a member to the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) and Certified Strength & Conditioning Coaches Association (CSCCA). Alex is also a current collegiate strength and conditioning coach and works primarily with rotational team sports such as baseball, softball, and golf.


Alex has nearly five years of professional experience which includes exercise programming, injury prevention, corrective exercises, group/ team training, and exercise nutrition. While our goals may be specific, our health is the product of our total well-being. Alex does not only focus on addressing one’s current needs, but also the root cause of certain health issues and/or movement limitations. He also emphasis quality of life by sharing his knowledge on the importance of taking care of our mental health and creating healthy habits to lead a more positive lifestyle.


As a former athlete, Alex’s passion for fitness and development started at a young age. He understands that most injuries can be prevented by developing proper movement patterns and having a positive mindset to achieve our goals. Alex is a firm believer that coaches are teachers, and teaching is motivating someone to learn. Not only does Alex have a passion for working with clients/athletes in their development, but he also loves educating and teaching the workout’s objectives and how it will help in one’s specific goals. Alex makes it a goal to develop his clients and athletes into leaders. He understands that the motivation to go through a positive self-care journey must come from within. Alex’s favorite quote is, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. A positive lifestyle is a life-long journey; and deciding to walk that path is the first step.


Alex has worked with hundreds of people with all sorts of backgrounds. One instance that stands out the most was when a young athlete, who was a star with his previous team, had multiple setbacks when he suffered season-ending injuries in back-to-back years. This athlete was a running back for the football team, but his confidence hit rock bottom when he broke his foot and tore multiple ligaments in his ankle. He contemplated on quitting and focusing on life beyond sports. However, with the relationship and trust he developed with this athlete, Alex was able to guide and provide support by showing him he was not alone in the rehab process. They set short-term realistic goals and worked on reaching them while still having the bigger picture in mind (getting back on the field). Alex taught his athlete that progress is not linear, and the rehab process wasn’t going to be easy. However, they both went to work and continued achieving the goals they set. The season came along, and the athlete did not only play, but he also scored one of his many touchdowns that year. The most rewarding part was seeing the athlete’s journey to becoming himself again. Alex also learned something through this process. He realized that if there is a will then there is a way, and you don’t have to do it alone.


During his free time, Alex enjoys working out, drawing, working on his plants, and exploring new places in town to visit. He also has two pups; a 2-year-old pit-mix named Lana and a 1-year-old shih tzu named Ranger. Alex’s future goals include becoming a director for a fitness-athletic facility and/or the director of sports science for a sport team.