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Registered Dietitian at Fit Therapy of Texas


Annie studied nutritional science at Texas A&M University, where she earned a bachelor’s and a master’s degree and completed her dietetic internship. Since 1997, she has enjoyed translating the science of nutrition into practical language for her clients and patients. She has shared the power of good nutrition in a wide variety of settings. Her clinical nutrition work in 2 large community health centers allowed her to work with individuals with various disease states, ethnic backgrounds, and ages, as well as gain fluency in the Spanish language. She has provided nutrition consultative services in non-clinical settings too, such as the Department of Campus Recreation at UTSA, residential children’s homes, and local San Antonio restaurants. As well, she serves as a faculty member at the University of Phoenix, teaching human nutrition and general health classes at the San Antonio campus.

Annie has been a guest of local radio and TV shows in College Station, TX, Phoenix, AZ, and St. Louis, MO. She has presented at the American College Health Association national meeting in Orlando, FL, and served on the speaker’s bureau for the American Heart Association in Phoenix, AZ.

Generally speaking, Annie advocates a step-by-step, goal-oriented approach to achieving nutritional wellness. Her role in this individualized process is to provide technical expertise, guidance, suggestions, and support, while facilitating the goal-setting process. She pays special attention to clients’ food likes/dislikes as well as their current lifestyles and habits as she assists them in making appropriate, realistic, and attainable goals, aimed at long-term success. She understands that making eating/exercise/lifestyle changes is not always an easy process to undertake, but with the right help, positive changes are possible, and definitely worth the effort.

Annie is passionate about exercise and loves the outdoors. Her favorite activities include hiking, camping, and fishing with her family. Despite her thorough knowledge of the science of nutrition, she has an out-of-control sweet tooth!

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