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Fitness Lead at Fit Therapy of Texas


Motto: If you are going to do it, Make it worth it!

​Patricia holds a master’s degree in Exercise Science from Texas State University. She holds a B.S. in Elementary Education with a Kinesiology minor from Angelo State University where she was a collegiate volleyball player. She is a Certified Health Coach by the American Council on Exercise. Holds a lifetime Teaching certificate for the state of Texas. Over the last 30 years Patricia has worn many hats in the fitness industry, first as an elementary PE Teacher, promoted to college instructor in kinesiology at Palo Alto College, aerobics teacher, boot camp instructor, volleyball coach, Personal Trainer and Corporate Wellness specialist.

​Patricia is a native of San Antonio, returning after 20 years away. Most recently she was living in the D.C. area and is incredibly happy to be back in SA! The last 6 years she spent as a personal trainer and corporate wellness specialist. Patricia has worked with all ages and fitness levels during her years as a Personal Trainer in Alexandria, VA. Many training with her for more then 5 years.

​Patricia’s passion to treat the whole person, by applying science and skills to support meaningful lifestyle modifications to reach their fitness and wellness goals. Patricia is extremely excited to be working with this team of professionals. Her goal will always be to empower clients to become the best version of themselves. With Patricia you are not only getting a fitness trainer you are getting a life coach.

Married 31 years this summer Patricia is part of a proud army family her husband is retired from the Army and she has 2 kids. A 20-year-old boy who is at Texas AM and 18-year-old girl who is headed to Texas State in the fall. She attributes the constant relocation to fueling her expansive fitness knowledge. Patricia loves to go thrift shopping, garage/estate sale shopping looking for treasures on the weekends.

​Words from her clients:


"As a pastry chef who enjoys her own work a little too much, I was downright squishy, but after two months working with Patricia, I'm stronger than I thought possible. A decades-old injury had held me back, but Patricia found a way to help me overcome it. She's knowledgeable, professional, and super-motivating!" – Allison R.,


​I joined the Women's Fit Club a few months after having my second son - it was my "me time" but also a way to get back in shape. Patricia uses a great balance of push and comradery to make you test yourself and push harder. There are times I don't think I can do a certain move/exercise, but she walks you through it and encourages you to just try. I have learned so many different techniques, and love that she keeps the workouts different every time. She will always keep you motivated through positive words but pushes you to really dig deep and train hard. In the end I always do way more then I think I can or could. - Tricia M. 33

​When I worked with Patricia, she had me the strongest I have ever been. We trained 3 times a week, it improved every aspect of my life, especially my marathon training. My favorite part is when my 12-year-old son commented “my Dad is ripped!” Rudy B. 50

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