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Owner of Fit Therapy of Texas


Kenny obtained his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology specializing in Exercise Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio. 

Kenny's background is in exercise physiology, ergonomics, exercise nutrition, and business. He has over fifteen years’ experience in the wellness sector including corporate and commercial work.


Throughout his time in the work field, Kenny was able to experience a vast array of health practices and knowledge ranging from personal training, teaching group exercise, leading weight management classes, coaching clients telephonically to improve their health conditions by creating plans, working at rehabilitation clinics, and providing support to workers at the Toyota plant right here in San Antonio through ergonomic evaluations. 

Kenny's experiences in the health and wellness field aided him in deciding to open his very own wellness center that encompasses a holistic and natural approach. He is passionate about using a preventative care model that decreases risk of developing chronic physical and mental health conditions and decreasing the need for medications. Kenny also understood that the mental aspect to one's health played a vital role in health, performance, and improvement. He also values the fact that the counselors he employs are not just simply "weight loss" counselors, but rather Licensed Professional Counselors that have expertise in a wide range of mental conditions. Through this mind and body connection he has seen the most improvement in one’s health and goal achievement. 

Kenny likes to spend his free time working out, watching sports, hunting, and most adrenaline type activities. He is a loyal businessman and wishes to grow within the San Antonio and Texas communities to serve the people of this great state. He hopes that you will be a part of his holistic wellness vision and start helping change lives in San Antonio and Texas!

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