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Fitness Expert


Ashley is a mountain girl at heart living here in South Texas with her husband and her four kids. Her crew and her moved to Texas from a small town in Wyoming in the spring of 2018.

Since she can remember, she has always had a passion for fitness and movement, with running being at the center of my soul. She ran track and field in my younger years and her deeply rooted love of running carried over into her now adult years.  In 2013 she found CrossFit and now my love of running has evolved to incorporate functional fitness. Throughout her athletic journey of life, she has been challenged with navigating pregnancies, weight gain, weight loss, and injuries which all cultivated an obsessive desire to be a continuous student of movement.

 In 2020 she suffered a significant knee injury and underwent a non-knee-related surgical procedure that resulted in some complications with her pelvic floor.  That season of life highlighted a broader understanding of how deeply rooted and connected the mind-body relationship is, and it was these life experiences that helped mold and shape her view and approach to fitness.

          Her passion for fostering a mind-body balance is evident in her client centric approach, and her desire to empower individuals to achieve sustainable health transformation. She is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of individuals through a comprehensive approach to health and fitness.

Ashley holds certifications through NASM, ISSA, Precision Nutrition, CrossFit L2, CrossFit Kids, CrossFit Weightlifting, CrossFit Endurance, and is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science, Fitness, and Nutrition.

She hopes to be able to support and serve those around her on their fitness/health journey by blending her fitness knowledge with a holistic perspective for lasting results, while continuing to learn every day.  She looks forward to seeing you in the gym!

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