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Fitness Expert at Fit Therapy of Texas


Brandon has his Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from UTSA. He is also CPR/AED certified. In addition, a Fundamentals of Coaching certification (NFHS), Heat Illness Prevention certification (NFHS), and Concussion in Sports certification (NFHS).

He originally went to college for mechanical engineering, but then later realized he wouldn’t be able to sit behind a desk or be in an office for too long. He always loved playing sports growing up and soon fell in love with the gym and fitness itself. When Brandon had his own personal trainer for the first time, there was something about seeing my own personal growth physically and mentally. Being able to watch and witness yourself pass thresholds you never thought was possible inspired him to want to help others achieve the same thing.

Brandon wants to help others unlock their untapped potential that they might not even see in themselves just yet. Many people see their success as either a win or lose scenario. He believe success is when we are trying for a goal, no matter the outcome, as long as we put everything on the table and see the growth and improvement within us from the triumph. Never limit yourself, always have the eagerness to want more. Grow in knowledge, skill, health, mental, and physical aspects. Throughout his years of being in the gym and going to school for his education, his friends and family are constantly coming to me for fitness/health advice and he loves being able to be the one to help them. Brandon wants everyone to succeed and achieve their short and long term personal goals.

His hobbies are to go outside and walk with his dog, hang out with friends, play video games, go to the gym, and play recreational sports with his friends. Some future goals he has are to become a “well-known” trainer and an inspirational person to others. 


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