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Licensed Professional Counselor at Fit Therapy of Texas

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Stephanie has been a Licensed Therapist for over 9 years. She obtained her Master’s in Community Counseling at St. Mary’s University.​


Stephanie provides various methods of therapy to help the client where they are at in life. These methods include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Person Centered Therapy which allows the client to focus on self-improvement and create a working relationship between client and therapist.​


Stephanie has worked with all ages ranging from Elementary to the elderly. She is qualified to treat a variety of issues such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, loss and grief, and other behavioral/mood issues. She provides sessions that are structured to maximize time and assist in meeting therapeutic goals.


Her passion to become a therapist began when she realized that her experiences in life could help others who may find it difficult to understand internal feelings and thoughts. To help someone feel more positive at the end of a session is her goal. Hurting people should not struggle alone.


Stephanie believes that mental health can be affected by how we think and feel, what we put into our bodies, and lack of physical movement. By incorporating therapy, healthy foods, and exercise, the person as a whole can become a better version or themselves.


Outside of being a therapist, she truly enjoy working out, traveling especially to beaches, and spending quality time with family.

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