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Fitness Expert at Fit Therapy of Texas

Lexie Bernal_edited.jpg

Lexie is a certified personal trainer with ISSA. She is passionate about helping individuals tap into their full potential and achieve their goals. She aims to help you create habits and a lifestyle to obtain sustainable results.


Our health is linked to so many other parts of our life and when it is lacking or suffering the other parts are affected. Motivation may start with wanting to fit into a certain size, but can lead to more energy, a better mood, more confidence and a fuller life.


It brings her great joy to not only see her clients reach their fitness goals, but to hear how they have inspired their children and loved ones around them.


One of my most recent client wins was with a client who struggled with high blood pressure, cholesterol, and was pre diabetic due to her weight. In her first 8 weeks not only did she lose 20lbs, but received news from her doctor that they can discuss starting to take her off her medications.


A fitness journey might feel lonely and be a struggle at times, but she is here to encourage and guide you and cheer for all the wins along the way.  

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