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Fitness Expert & Internship Coordinator at Fit Therapy of Texas


Terah has obtained the following degrees/certifications:

M.S. Human Performance, Lindenwood University, 2016

B.S. Exercise Science, Lindenwood University, 2014

NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach, 2014

AFAA- Group Fitness Certification, 2012

TRX Level 1, 2017

ACLS- Advanced Cardiac Life Support, 2017

CITI Grood Practices Researcher Training, 2019

First Aid


Terah's fitness knowledge consists of and uses the following techniques/approaches:

NSCA and NASM training approaches

Gym Jones


Fitness is more than just exercise or just nutrition. Terah is a firm believer that fitness encompasses all aspects of human health and human performance. We cannot truly perform our best until we understand how to bring balance to our physical, mental, and nutritional wellness.

After graduating with her Bachelor’s, a passion for learning was ignited and Terah decided to pursue and obtain a Master’s of Science degree in Human Performance. During this time, she trained underneath her former head coach for the 2018 Olympic Trials for the 800m run. The ability to apply what she learned about nutrition, anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, and sport psychology to her training provided her with an invaluable experience and knowledge that she would later use to give her patients and clients the best experience and knowledge of health and exercise. While working in cardiac rehabilitation, Terah found again, a vigor for teaching her patients not only “how” but “why”. For this reason, Terah decided to pursue the position of Fitness Expert and can’t wait to continue to not only train, but educate her clients into better health.

While working as a personal trainer, Terah had a client in her 70s who came to her with knee pain that had become so bad that she could no longer walk the amount that she used to and so she was gaining weight rapidly. Her goal was to be able to walk uphill for 400m with tolerable pain. Over the course of 8 months, her knee pain almost completely diminished and she was able to perform 4 incline “sprints” on her last day of training with me. Her tears of joy were evidence of the gratitude that she held and I’ll never forget the impact those 8 months had on her life.

Terah's hobbies include:







Terah would like to eventually become a consultant in Exercise Physiology and continue her research in the world of inflammation.

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