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Are you doing all the "right" things and not losing weight!?

Are you doing all the "right" things and not losing weight!?

Here are 5 reasons that may be the reason you aren't losing that weight!

Alcohol- Are you eating clean during the week and then excessively drinking on the weekend!? Alcohol has so much sugar in it, and its just filled with empty calories that will throw all your hard work during the week out the window!

Exercise- You are either doing too much cardio or only lifting weights. A combination of both will definitely speed up the fat loss process.

You are not eating enough- Everyone thinks the less you eat the more weight you'll lose, wrong! You need to eat calories to burn calories! If you are not eating enough you body will go into starvation mode which can slow down your metabolism and make it tough to lose that weight!

You are eating all the wrong foods-Don't just focus on trying to burn off your calories by exercising, Diet is very important factor in weight loss! Stay away from all processed food! A good rule to go by is stick to all natural whole foods.

Recovery- Rest days are just as important as your exercising days! Yes you should push yourself hard in the gym but also treat your body with care! The days you take off and recovery is when your body does the actual fat burning. Listen to your body, take that rest day so you are able to go really push yourself in the gym the next day!

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