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Our top 3 apps for mental health

Today I’m sharing with you my favorite apps for mental health! These are all the best iPhone apps I’ve found and all ones that I use myself when stressed or anxious.

Apps can be so useful between counseling sessions, for not only tracking your feelings but also for mindfulness, coping strategies and more. Whether you want to know the best tracking apps or the best apps to manage your emotions, I’ve got you covered.

1. Sanvello

This is my favorite app for tracking feelings and thoughts. It will send you a notification checking in on your feelings. This easy to use app helps with gaining awareness of one's feelings and provides a graph of your emotions at the end of each week. I’ve found myself enjoying the graph of emotions and using the self-care tools.

2. CBT Thought Diary

CBT Thought Diary allows you to work through negative thoughts. To do this the app provides a space to share, analyze and challenge thoughts. It's also very helpful in understanding cognitive distortions, which will aide in analyzing and challenging thoughts.

3. Dare- Break Free from Anxiety

Dare is an app to help with anxiety, panic attacks, and worry. I’ve used this app for awhile now, where you can diffuse anxiety and panic. This app provides helpful techniques such as breathing techniques, relaxation skills and much more to reduce your anxiety.

Apps have become more popular and there are many apps to help with a person's mental health these days. Try one or all of my favorite apps if dealing with mental health issues. If you need more help, reach out here or by phone at 210.495.3131 to schedule a counseling appointment.

What’s your favorite app for mental health? Share with me below!

Best Regards,

Tracy Cooper, LPC

Fit Therapy of Texas Co-Owner

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