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Age is just a number.

After the loss of her son, Elena appeared on "The Doctors" in hope of inspiring others to make a lifestyle change to lose weight and improve their health. At the age of 69, Elena, who had never worked out a day in her life, made a commitment to her son to focus on her own health and wellness.

Elena with her son, Hector. Photo credit by Lisa Krantz, Express News

Elena was determined to keep her promise to her son and began coming to Fit Therapy of Texas for personal training, nutritional guidance and therapy. Elena met with a fitness expert at Fit Therapy of Texas 3 times a week for an hour long training session where they focused on light strength training, cardio and functional exercises.

Photo credit by Lisa Krantz, Express News

Elena's perseverance in committing to her lifestyle change not only transformed her appearance but also her daily functioning and quality of life. After just a few short months into her personal training sessions and following the nutritional guidance recommended by Fit Therapy of Texas, Elena's doctor was able to decrease the amount medications she needed daily.

Photo credit by Lisa Krantz, Express News

In addition to losing over 30 pounds and 20 inches all over, Elena's cardiovascular endurance, strength, range of motion and mobility improved tremendously. The individual who previously relied on an electric cart while shopping, can now roam an entire store without any assistance, and that's after her 1 mile walk at the local YMCA.

Elena's story and eagerness to continue with her lifestyle change has inspired not only her family and friends, but also everyone at Fit Therapy of Texas. She is definite proof that it is never too late to make a lifestyle change to find the healthier and happier you.

Photo credit by Lisa Krantz, Express News

We feel very honored to be a part of Elena's success story. It is our mission to provide individuals with the proper knowledge and tools to reach their fullest potential just as Elena did. We hope she is as much an inspiration to you as she is to us.

If you are seeking help in making a lifestyle change, we are happy to help. Contact us y phone at 210-495-3131 or by website at

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