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It's our 7th Anniversary...and we are thankful to everyone who made it happen!

For seven years, the mission of Fit Therapy of Texas has been to help busy professionals improve their health--physically and mentally. We’ve done this by providing our members with an education on how to work out for their goals, eat for health and manage stress, which has helped our members obtain amazing results from our program and services.

Along the way, we’ve developed lasting relationships with our members and partnerships. And our company has grown, even in the face of trying challenges like covid-19. We’re still as committed to our mission now as we were when we started our business back in 2014, and we’re improving every day.

In other words, these last seven years have been full of ups and downs, but mostly exciting times, and we’re looking forward to the future!

Thank you to our staff, Fit Therapy of Texas members, and business partnerships for believing in us, our mission and supporting local, small business.

Our life has been forever impacted by the lives we have changed and the charm that is Fit Therapy of Texas and everything it's taken to create the Fit Therapy of Texas family!

Forever grateful and humbled,

Kenny and Tracy

Fit Therapy of Texas Owners


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