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Learn how to maintain your goals.

Are you struggling to maintain your goals and not sure why?

Start by gaining awareness.

Get in tune with yourself. Ask yourself, "Is there anything holding me back from accomplishing my goals?"

If you are unsure consider your personal barriers. Here are some common barriers that may be responsible for you not maintaining your goals: no time, lack of money, no support, work schedule, self-pity, lack of motivation or more.

Barriers will always prevent you from accomplishing your goals.

The benefits to understanding your barriers will help you to make a different choice. A choice that may keep you on track to maintain your goals. Take the time now to self-reflect and identify your barriers.

Next, come up with excuse busting answers to your barriers.

What are excuse busting answers? These are the answers that help you to develop a plan, so you do not FAIL at maintaining your goals.

Again, get in tune with yourself and list your excuse busting answers next to each of your barriers.


Barrier- Self Pity; "No one likes me."

Excuse busting answer: Shift your focus. "This isn't true. I am like able and have a lot to offer someone."

Once you have identified your barriers and excuse busting answers, find someone to hold you accountable. Be honest with your accountability partner and tell them how to hold you accountable. An accountability partner, will not let you slack and will keep you focused on your goals.

Most importantly, fight to maintain your goals and ward off your barriers daily. Practice these steps today and everyday.

Tracy Cooper is a licensed professional counselor and the co-owner of Fit Therapy of Texas, where she helps families, kids, parents, couples, and individuals to reach their goals. If you would like to schedule an appointment, contact me by phone at 210.495.3131 or message me at

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