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How to meal prep

Meal prepping does not have to be complicated or take up an entire Sunday. Follow these easy tips to improve your meal prepping game: 1. Invest in good Tupperware; plastic that is BPA free or glassware. Purchase a variety of tupperware sizes to accommodate portion size for meals and snack sizes.

2. Make a plan! -Write down breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks – easiest to begin with planning for 3-4 days, and work your way up to 7 days

3. Try to switch it up – eat chicken for lunch one day and turkey the next to avoid getting bored; experiment with spices -Keep meals clean and simple; pepper, lemon, garlic, etc.

4. Meal prepping takes time so be sure to choose a day or set aside a few hours each night to prepare your meals - We usually prep on Sundays; other weeks we prep our breakfast and lunch the night before; gauge your busy lifestyle and go from there

5. Prepare foods that require a longer cook time first -Example: brown rice takes 30-35 minutes to cook; we start that first then move onto baking our chicken!

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