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Creative way we brought our group training sessions to the next level

As a Fitness Expert, the main goals I set for myself are to create unique workouts, challenge clients physically and mentally, and set a step by step plan for members to reach their goals. Our group training classes allow me to accomplish all these goals for myself and the members. It’s important to keep the workouts challenging, creative, and fun for the members, especially during the holidays. Let’s be real, working out is not on everybody’s to do list during the holidays. However, after you read this, you might want to come try a workout during the next holiday.

As a way to increase attendance for our group classes during the holidays, I decided to create holiday day themed workouts. What are these themed workouts, you may ask? These workouts are condition based, high intensity, and theme-oriented exercises that correspond to that specific holiday. In this blog, I will be discussing the Christmas workout, “12 Days of Xmas” that group members did right before the Christmas holiday. I’m going to discuss the structure of the workout, exercises that members did during the workout, and what members think of themed workouts.

When creating a themed workout, I first create an outline of the workout. This outline includes names of exercises, new exercises, and modifications for these exercises if members cannot do the original exercise. Next, I structure the workout into a circuit workout. A circuit consists of 3 or 4 exercises, a certain amount of reps per exercise, usually timed for 12-15 minutes, and there are 3 circuits for the entire workout. I coordinate certain exercises together to ensure one muscle group isn’t being overly trained throughout the circuit. The “12 Days of Xmas” workout outline consisted of 12 new exercises that members haven’t done before, a modification exercise for each exercise, and a Christmas themed format for the workout. I created the workout to align with the song “12 Days of Christmas”. Members had 4 exercise per circuit. However, each exercise had a number next to it determining how many reps they had to do for that exercise. For example, 12 Christmas Stuffing Stocker legs (CSS), 11 Reindeer Kick Outs, 10 Roof Climbers, and 9 Ice Skaters. Circuit 2 and 3 continue the pattern of the song. Members had 15 minutes at each circuit, which made it an intense workout. Below I will discuss some additional exercises the members did.

You’re probably wondering how exercises can be Christmas themed. Well, with a creative mind and a passion for exercise, anything is possible. I’m going to discuss 3 of my favorite exercises that the members enjoyed doing. The first exercise is 6 Ornament Hop Burpees. If you have seen “Home Alone” you know stepping on ornaments is not fun. This exercise will work your legs, core, chest, and triceps. The objective is to lateral jump over a med ball (your ornament) and go into a burpee with a push-up. To modify this exercise, you will do a lateral skip over the med ball rather than a lateral jump, then into a burpee without a push-up. The second exercise is 2 Halo Runs. This exercise will work your legs, core, and shoulders. The objective of this exercise is to run with a med ball to a certain distance while spinning the med ball around your head to create a halo. Just imagine yourself being an angel on top of the tree. The modification for this exercise

would be power walking instead of running. The final exercise is 1 Present Under the Christmas Tree. Everyone deserves a present during this time of the year! This was my gift to the members. I made a “Fit Tree” with “presents” (pieces of paper) with conditioning exercises. Each member had to pick a present and do 25 reps of the exercise. They had no idea what they were going to pick, which made it more exciting to see their reaction. These exercises are what makes members want to come to these workouts, and that’s what I want to discuss next.

When I began these themed workouts in October, I had no idea what to expect. When I made my first one for Halloween, I exceeded my own expectations. Members were working hard, cheering each other on, and being team players. After the great Halloween turnout, I created the Thanksgiving workout, and that was unbelievable. The energy was amazing; I’ve never seen people work so hard, members talking after the work out and getting to know each other, and the response and compliments I got the following week was the icing on the cake. I knew I had to keep it going, so Christmas was the next themed workout. Members wanted to be challenged as they were in the previous workouts. This is what makes the job fun. When members want to come in and work and take steps toward their goals, it makes me want to work even harder to create the next themed workout.

It takes a lot of work to create themed workouts. I must ensure it’s accommodating to people of all fitness levels. I never want to cheat anyone out of a workout. I’ll put the time and effort in to make the workout challenging, intense, and fun. If you want to try the next themed workout, I promise you will not regret it. You will have support, make new friends, burn calories, and have me right there motivating you the entire way. What are you waiting for? New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, and St. Patrick’s Day are next in line. Stop by and see what makes these workouts so fun and unique.

In health,

Christian Chavez, M.S.

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