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Everything you have ever wanted to know about training at Fit Therapy of Texas.

Want to start exercising, but not sure where to begin? We understand starting an exercise routine can be life changing, but also anxiety inducing. Below we have answered frequently asked questions to help you begin your fitness program with ease.

Q: Are the workouts at Fit Therapy of Texas like cross fit?

A: No, we are very different from cross fit. We are a strength training facility that does targeted body part training in our personal training sessions and in our small group classes, which means we focus on one to two different muscle groups each time you come into workout. Your trainer will change up the exercises to keep your body guessing and to promote continuous body transformations.

Q: Can I come workout without a trainer?

A: No, since we are a private facility, we do require a trainer with you to use our exercise equipment just to ensure your safety. But we do offer small group workout classes and personal training sessions, we will find something that will work for you!

Q: How fast will I see results?

A: It does vary from person to person. If you stick to your plan though, it can take anywhere from one to two weeks to start noticing change. The key is to be consistent and patient, if you stick to your plan provided by your trainer, the results will come.

Q: Are you able to work with people who have limitations such as knee problems or back injuries etc.?

A: Absolutely! All our fitness experts have maintained their degrees in the exercise field and have years of experience working with people that have different kinds of needs. They are more than qualified to help you work around those limitations by modifying exercises as needed.

Q: Do you accept insurance for fitness?

A: Unfortunately, we do not. But come in for a fitness consultation, to see what workout program works best for you and your budget!

Q: Do you offer physical therapy?

A: No, the services that we do offer are fitness, nutritional guidance, meal plans, and mental health counseling. We are here to help you improve your relationship with your mind, body and food.

Q: Do I have to see a counselor to get an exercise program?

A: No, you do not. However, we do offer stress relief classes at no additional charge the first and third Thursday of each month. The stress relief classes are hosted by our Licensed Professional Counselors. They will educate you on stress and provide you with tangible coping strategies to manage your stress in a healthy way. 

Q: What if I haven’t exercised in a while or at all?

A: That is okay, everybody must start somewhere! We work with people off all different fitness levels, the personal trainer will adjust the workouts to help accommodate you and your needs, you will be able to go at your own pace.

Q: How do I know what exercise program works best for me?

A: Come in for your complimentary fitness consultation, so that our fitness expert can help you determine which program is the best fit for you.

Q: I am over 60 years old, will you still be able to work with me?

A: Of course. We work with and have experience with people of all ages. We are confident in being able to get you to your goals, no matter what your age is!

Q. How do I get started?

A. The best way to get started is to call at 210.495.3131, stop by at 19141 Stone Oak Parkway Suite # 603 SA, TX 78258, or email Fit Therapy of Texas today! We look forward to working with you!

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