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Stress Relief: 3 ways to IMMEDIATELY reduce the stress of hard days

Is your stress sucking the joy out of your days?

We have ALL been there.

You get home from a long day of work, a jam-packed day with the kids, or even a day of traveling and you are LONGING to relax.

BUT, surprise surprise, your body won't let you!

You feel tense, your mind is going a million miles a minute, and no matter how many deep breaths you take you CANNOT seem to find a way to wind down.

We are here to fix that in 3 QUICK and EASY ways.

1. Be in the moment:

Remember that the day is DONE! Your work is completed, your kiddos are fed and bathed and tucked away in bed, you accomplished everything that needed to be done today and now you can REST. Look around you. You're no longer in that office, that school room, you're at home. You're safe, you're in an environment you know and love, you can let your guard down.

2. Redirect your attention to something or someone you love:

All day you have been focusing on doing things for others, whether it be your boss, your coworkers, your kids, but now you get to focus on you. Think about something or someone that makes you feel joy. Then take that thought and turn it into action. If you find that joy in a loved one, request some time with them. Of you find that joy in cooking, try out a new recipe. If that joy is found in your weekly fix of the Bachelor, grab a healthy snack, sit back, relax and see who gets sent home this week. Redirect your attention to something or someone you love and leave that stressful day in the past.

3. Wash. Your. Face:

Let's end with doing something physical to LITERALLY wash the stresses of the day away. Washing your face increases serotonin levels (those are the happy calm hormones), physically washes away the dirt and grime and sweat you have gathered on your face throughout the day, and MOST importantly, it gives you a fresh start for a NEW day. By washing our face at the end of the day, we are setting ourselves up for success for the following morning, allowing for a less stressful day to come.

3 steps. One happier you.

Don't have time for all 3?

Start with one, and be on your way to a less stress-filled and more joy-filled life.

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Lewis Harvey
Lewis Harvey
Jun 07, 2023

Great article! I really enjoyed reading your insights on the topic. Your writing style is engaging and informative. The examples you provided helped clarify the points you made. Keep up the excellent work! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts in the future.

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