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This Mindset Shift Could Help You Have Better Boundaries

The idea of setting boundaries with a person you love may seem hard, might even feel impossible.

If you would like to set boundaries with someone you love, ask yourself:

What boundaries would I like to set?

What do I think is hard about setting boundaries?

Why does it seem difficult to set boundaries?

Once you define and determine your boundaries, take a moment to accept boundary setting with the mindset shift, cognitive reframing.

Instead of telling yourself, “It’s hard to set boundaries with someone I love.”

Tell yourself, “I am teaching my loved one how to treat me.”

Reframing your thoughts about boundaries can help you have a different perspective about setting boundaries.

Try this mindset shift the next time you need to set a boundary with a loved one.

If you need help with setting boundaries, we have a wonderful team of Licensed Professional Counselors to teach and assist you with setting boundaries in your life. Click our contact us page to schedule a consultation today.

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