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10 foolproof strategies to long term weight loss

If you are struggling and want the BEST strategies and Tips  for Long Term Weight Loss and Success then look no further!!! After 15 years of practical and proven results, I have compiled 10 TIPS to Lose Weight and be the Healthiest Version of you!!!

1. Don’t Restrict Yourself: Restricting leads to unsustainable outcomes. Being healthy does not have to be miserable. You should learn healthier alternatives to the foods you love.

2. Get Stronger! What I mean by that is incorporate Resistance training in your exercise plan. Steady running, biking, swimming, etc. although may burn calories, does not lead to shapely, strong, and metabolic efficient bodies. Strength training can help mold, improve bone and muscle health, as well as increase your metabolic rate so you burn calories with more lean muscle!

3. Drink! Water that is. Your body is comprised of at least 70% and staying hydrated keeps your body performing at optimal levels and improves weight loss. A good rule of thumb is to aim at drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water. For example, if you weighed 150Lbs, you should aim at drinking 75 ounces of water a day!

4. Sleep! Your body adapts to the stress you put on it. That stress can be positive or negative. Sleep is designed and is your body recovery and rehab mode that prepares and primes your body for the stress that you put on it. If you are not getting QUALITY sleep then performance and your weight loss goals can suffer. A good rule of thumb is to get 7-9 hours of QUALITY sleep a night.

5. Create Healthy Habits. The expression, “An apple a day keeps the Doctor away,” directly refers to creating healthy habits. It may take you 21 days to develop a habit. The more Healthy Habits that you create the more routine it becomes and the better your body will respond. The lbs and body will thank you!!!

6. Stretch! Stretching is part of the recovery and rehab process along with sleep. It what keeps you feeling “loose” and not tight from your workouts. A good rule of thumb is to stretch 7-10 minutes daily. Stretching also helps your body perform each exercise

more efficient. Your body does not need to overcompensate to account for tightness along your core, kinetic chain, etc.

7. Use it or Lose it! What I mean by that is if you are not practicing or priming your body to do certain movements then your body will not be able to do so when needed. Saying I never could do the splits or jump high usually means that you don’t even attempt it. If I ask my client when was the last time they tried to do the splits and they answer elementary school and they’re 42, then why would they expect to even be able to do them. Main point is your body is more functional and adaptable than you give it credit for. Want to jump. Then slowly incorporate explosive jumps progressively working up in your routines. Same with sprinting, flexibility, etc.

8. Move side to side! Most of our days as we get older is spent in one primary movement plane. Standing, sitting, getting up and down requires typically one plane of movement. Your exercise should use all planes of movement. This means doing other exercises that require twisting, rotating, lateral, laying, different inclines, and adduction movements. Meaning add variety to your workouts. Always incorporate different movements to keep your body operating at a high level.

9. Educate or Hire Professional. You should have a good and logical plan of what exercises you are doing, foods you are eating, and what modifications that you need. There are a lot of resources out there but you need to filter through the bad ones and educate or hire someone who can help you along your Weight Loss and Health journey! Do not just half ass or guess. Do the right choice or hire someone to do it for you!

10. Prioritize your Health! I saved the best for last! I always hear people tell me that they want to lose weight and get healthier but they do not prioritize it. There are many tasks and activities one does in a day but how can you expect to improve if you are putting yourself and your health last. You do not need to give up

everything but commit to yourself and prioritize your healthy lifestyle. If a friend gets mad because you choose not to drink alcohol or workout instead of a movie, do you really think they have your best interests in mind. Basically, PRIORITIZE, PLAN, and EXECUTE and you will be successful in your Weight Loss and Health Journey!

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